About Meg McNulty

When I was nine, I was told off for using the word zephyr in a story.  My teacher didn't believe a child of nine could know the word zephyr.  It meant, she said, that I couldn't have written the story myself. 

Clearly, she didn't appreciate I was a precocious literary genius. 

Sadly, neither did I. Despite my super duper nine year old's vocabulary (and Reader, I did do my own homework, thank you very much) and lots of unfinished stories, I didn't get my arse in gear to complete a book until nearly two decades later. 

In 2010 I set myself a goal. I was going to write a novel within the next five years, or bust. It didn't have to be a work of literary genius. It didn't have to be published. It just had to be finished. 

Since then I  have completed two historical romances - Merely Players and Boundless as the Sea (and in keeping with my promise, they're not works of literary genius and not published).  I've started, and failed to finish, many more novels. I've written dozens of flash fiction stories. I love flash fiction

I've nailed two NaNoWriMos and utterly failed at one. I have ideas spewing out of my head like commuters on the 8.30am from Finsbury Park. Unfortunately, unlike the 8.30am from Finsbury Park I have trouble staying on track, so my house is a mess of notebooks and half baked ideas. I've learned the purpose of an em-dash and that too many -ings are annoying. It's been a blast. 

It transpires that writing is more addictive than crack cocaine. Sign me up to Storyteller's Anonymous, my friend, because My Name Is Meg and I'm a Writer.

If you like writing, you might like this blog. 

If you like classics, and especially Greek Myth, you WILL like this blog and I'll like you.  If you happen to have studied Classics because you were totally obsessed with Clash of the Titans (the original), let's hang out because, damn, you're cool (RIP Ray Harryhausen). 

If you like historical romance we're destined to be friends. Especially if Georgette Heyer played a significant role in your formative years. And Eva Ibbotson. And Stella Riley.  These day, warm admiration of Elizabeth Hoyt, Jo Bourne, Amanda Quick and Laura Kinsale would reveal you to be A Person Of Discernment. Fact. 

If you started your fantasy reading with Anne McCaffrey, Susan Cooper or Alan Garner, that'll do too.  You rock. Bonus points for having watched Labyrinth more than three times. 

If you like Georgette Heyer AND Clash of the Titans, maybe have a secret passion for the Silver Surfer and have played multiple variations of the What Character Would You Be Star Wars quiz more than once,we should probably start a commune, blood of my blood, because we are as one. 

If you want to hear some flash fiction read in my finest Northern English, have a listen over at Soundcloud. If you want to see some performed, check out my youtube channelAnd if you want to lose several days of your life in a black hole of visual beauty, come hang out on pinterestWarning: it is addictive. 

You can sometimes find me lurking on Twitter as @charitygirlblogStop by and say hi


littleindian said...

I learnt from a seagull by the name of Jonathan Livingston. The reason "to live - to learn, to discover, to be free!"

Meg McNulty said...

Thank you - I just popped over to your blog, it's wonderful. I especially like the 'my religion' bit - so with you!

Andrew Leon said...

In 1st grade, my teacher accused me of making up the word "paleontologist" when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. She made me write it on the board to prove I wasn't lying.

I know what you mean about starting again.

Meg McNulty said...

LOL that must have been one embarrassed teacher!