Sunday, 25 May 2014

Seven Sins of Regency Romance

Work-life has been so busy lately, I've been like a wet teabag squished all flat and saggy by the teaspoon of office life. There has been intellectual capacity for anything bar box sets (yay Buffy! yay Firefly! yay Battlestar Galactica! yay Once Upon a Time!) and well worn novels.

However, I was moved to write because I read a book that so disappointed me, it got me thinking about things I never want to see in romance ever again. The book was Potent Pleasures and its by one of my favourite authors, Eloisa James.

Eloisa James writes clever, vivid historical romances. Her Desperate Duchesseseries is a triumph.I recently read the latest in that series Three Weeks with Lady X and liked it a lot. I liked its clever, strong-minded heroine. I liked its hard headed, resilient hero. I loved its intelligent writing and sensuous description and its entertaining side characters. It is good. Her Duchess Quartest series is ace. The Essex sisters books are extremely likeable. 

So, led by the nose (as always) by the allure of Amazon's recommendations progressed onto the next Eloisa James recommendation: Potent Pleasures

Mounties always get their man. Night always follows day. I always finish books. Even bad books. 

But boy did I struggled with this one. It's a sinner, baby. It did the kind of sinning that makes me grit my teeth with frustration and want to scream out loud.