Sunday, 30 June 2013

Creative Commuting

Poor old Darcy to Dionysus has been neglected these last few months, due to the outrageous demands of real life. Job moves. House moves. IT difficulties and other demands have conspired to make Meg a dull girl.

And i've been Searching for Superwomen which has led to a major geek revival at Chez McNulty. Trawling through back copies of the Silver Surfer can take its toll on a girl. Cosmic surfboards to see, planets to save - you know the score.

No more. Because as of August I have 1.5 hours a day sitting on a bus and that, dear friend is MY TIME- and I have plans. Step one in my mission to refuel creatively is to tool up. I've got myself a neat piece of kit - a tablet that turns into a netbook. It's called a transfomer. I like to call it Optimus.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Strawberries and Black Pepper - the Pursuit of Happiness

Seems it's my week for Getting Philosophical.  A few days I was pondering as to whether, as a feminist and a romance reader, I was hopelessly conflicted.  Happily, I decided not.

Today's philosophical question is whether it's possible to pursue happiness.  Is happiness an end in and of itself? 

This stems from a conversation I had recently with a nonagenarian friend and her husband. Having ninety years under your belt has a way of giving you a long view.  Her insights are astonishing and often, beautiful.

Is there any point in pursuing happiness, we pondered?