Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Romance and Feminism - happy bedfellows?

Sci Fi Author, Kameron Hurley
A few weeks ago I started contributing to The World’s Most Amazing Blog A.K.A Searching for SuperWomenI blogged about Searching for SuperWomen here.

I am also a contributor to another fantabulous blog, The RomanchicsI blogged about The Romantics here.

So here’s my dilemma.   

Is it possible to love romance and to be a feminist?  

Moreover, is it possible to write romance and be a feminist?  Historical romance?  Paranormal romance?

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Searching for Superwomen is launched!

As seen on Classics Matters
Life has been BUSY folks.

Real, grown up life has been destroying my creative muse like some sort streptococcal flesh-eating bacteria. House buying.  Jobs. Parenting.  And let's not forget social media...

Considering that The World's Best Critique Partner, Jessica Baker, has just doubled the size of her family by delivering twins and is STILL managing to write despite having no sleep at all, this is totally shameful (but congratulations Jess!). 

But let us not repine. I've squeezed in some creativity around the edges.  I participated in Our Dark Faery Queen's Writerly Bridal Shower (read the book - it's free on Smashwords and it's fabulous!). I brought a Medieval Knight to life.  And I wrote a couple of random stories inspired by 1. leaving my current job working with scientists... ahhhh I will miss them and 2. my current fixation with superheroes.

Which brings me on to Searching for Superwomen, the brain child of the super fabulous Emmie Mears and her fantastic co-conspirators Fran Roberts and Kristy Lyseng. I'm super excited (everything is super when you're dealing with Superwomen) to make a fourth in this new crime-fighting operation.