Tuesday, 23 April 2013

DFQWBS Entry... A Knight's Tale

It is my enormous pleasure to proffer a humble contribution to the Dark Fairy Queen Writerly Bridal Shower AKA #DFQWBS.  This challenge is the brainchild of three wonderful writers, Laura, Miranda and Rebekah, conceived as a literary celebration of the wedding of the fantabulous Dark Fairy Queen herself, the ever wondrous Anna Meade, to her beloved Michael. 

A Knight's Tale

“Good morrow, fair sir.” The page boy bowed, thrusting a yellowed scroll at Dave.  He looked down. The scroll ooked like a sheet of copy paper dyed with tea. That, he supposed, was meant to be an Order of Service.

“Cheers… I mean, thank you, fair… Cheers,” he stuttered to a halt, cursing his older brother for his obsession with Live Action Role Play. Pushing his tomato red cloak over his shoulder for the nineteenth time, he shuffled down the aisle. Thank GOD his mates from the footy team couldn’t see him. It was a good thing that Brian would rather lock himself in an iron maiden than invite the Rossendale Rams to his perfect medieval wedding.  

His brother Brian stood at the altar of the gothic church, in a rich gold tunic embroidered with sparkling thread. With his floppy hat and pointed shoes, no one would guess that he spent his days rebuilding computers. No sod that, everyone would guess he was a computer geek.  No one else would be weird enough to spend his weekends dressed like an extra from Sleeping Beauty.  Not Dave, anyway. Weekends were for football and beer and clubbing with the lads. Normal. Not like the fairytale nonsense their mum had peddled. School beat that crap out of his head. At Rossendale Primary princes from fairyland got their heads flushed down the toilet.

Dave got real, quick.

Brian, on the other hand, found LARP - and Wendy. A match made in heaven, or in the local LARP group at any rate.

 “Dave,” Brian hissed as he approached. “The rings? You remembered them, right?”



A bead of sweat slipped down his back. “Course. Listen, I’m just going to see if I can see Wendy, alright? Wouldn’t want you thinking you were getting stood up.”

Brian paled.  “She wouldn’t-”

“Course not you idiot. It was a joke. Still, I’ll go and see.”

“Yeah, okay.” Brian fiddled nervously with his sword. 

Dave sighed. “Wendy adores you, you great lummox. She said yes remember?”

His brother’s smile was luminous. “You’ll find a girl just as -”  

Oh crap. Not the True Love talk again.

“See you in a minute.”  Half running, he hurried back up the aisle and glanced around. His flat was five minutes away. If he ran like Hussain Bolt he might just make it there and back in time.  Taking a deep breath, he started to run, his footsteps beating a wild rhythm. 

Bloody Brian and his conviction that all Dave needed was The Love of a Good Woman. The last time he’d wanted to marry someone he’d been eight years old and thought he was one of the Knights of the Round Table. He’d only seen her once, sitting in a circle of mushrooms making daisy chains, her eyes as green as dew stained grass.


Heart pounding, he slammed through his front door and raced up the stairs two at a time.  The rings were where he’d left them, in a box on his bedside table.  Snatching them up, he flew back out of the front door like his arse was on fire.

The spire of the church reared up over the rooftops as the blood thundered in his ears. He was going to make it.  He was going to-

Tyres screeched, a horn screamed tearing the air.

He was flung sideways, the ring box flying from his hand. With a bone-jarring crunch, he hit the pavement. 

“Dave? Dave!” He heard screams. Legs surged all around him, a confusing tangle of limbs. The world went black.

“Are you okay?” A cool hand touched his forehead.  Groaning, his eyelids fluttered open to meet a gaze he had seen only once before.

With a tentative smile, she held out a small ring box. “I think you lost something.”

Words bubbled in his throat, choked with laughter and pure joy. He must look like a fool, an idiotic, grinning fool.  It felt wonderful.  Reaching out, he took her hand and smiled into her shining grass green eyes.

“No. No, I didn’t. I found something.... someone. You.”


Lisa Shambrook said...

Please tell me she has green eyes and makes daisy chains, lol. Wonderful narrative, and love makes us all weak at the knees!

Angela Lynn said...

Awww. That last night slayed me. Love it.

p.s. I just head-cannoned Lisa's comment. Boom.

Angela Lynn said...

or that last line, but whatevs.
Sometimes I can haz write, but only sometimes. ;)

Unknown said...

so good, didnt expect that ending.

Meg McNulty said...

:-) thanks ladies!

Stacy Bennett said...

Perfectly scrumptious, Meg!!!

Diane J. Reed said...

Lovely!!! I so adore those mesmerizing green eyes and all the real-world details that batter and confuse this poor sod about believing in true love. Secretly, I want him to fall down a rabbit hole with this fair maiden so I can read more of their story—well done!

Miranda Kate said...

Love the real life versus fairy tale! Great piece!