Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Selkie Song... for a Selkie Queen

If like magical romance, lurk on Twitter or have a secret obsession with selkies you cannot be unaware  that 25 April is....

Selkie Sorceress Day! 

Oh yes, the lovely Sophie Moss is unveiling and unleashing the third in her delightful, rose-scented Seal Island trilogy - three of the most magical romances you're ever likely to read. The Selkie Sorceress gives us the story of Glenna and Sam, an artist with a secret and an American undercover detective who has an unnatural knack of finding what is lost.  

If, like me, you have devoured read the wonderful Selkie Spell and Selkie Enchantress, you'll have been waiting with baited breath for Sam and Glenna's story.  

Not only is Sophie bringing us the books, she's bringing us three new gorgeous covers! Check them out on her website

You might remember that Sophie won the Fan's Favourite award in January's #12Masque contest for her poignant Rose Petal Masquerade. Part of her prize was to name a fabulous original Patricia Martin designed shawl. 

Not only did Patricia give Sophie the naming opportunity, she crafted a shawl that encapsulates all the finest elements of Sophie's Seal Island Trilogy.  It's intricately woven of silvery wool, reminiscent of the Irish skies and studded with delicate pearls. Perfect to keep a Selkie Sorceress cosy! 

You can find Patricia's designs over on Ravelry and in Knit Now magazine, in which she is a regular contributor. Here is the shawl beautifully modelled by singer songwriter Rhea:

And of course by the designer herself. Congratulations to Patricia on giving birth to a gorgeous baby boy on Saturday! Here she is in full bloom. 

Knitwear Designer, Patricia Martin modelling her own design. 


Sophie Moss said...

Meg!!! This is so amazing! Thank you so much for this beautiful post, and to Patricia for sharing her gorgeous Selkie Song shawl! I had so much fun writing that piece for your Masquerade Contest. :) You know that I must have this shawl, right?? I'll send Patricia a message on Twitter right away! :) Congrats to Patricia with the new baby, and thank you so much for all your support and for being such a great friend. :)

Lisa Shambrook said...

That's beautiful and the perfect name!