Thursday, 7 March 2013

[Very Inspiring] 2012 Blog[ger] of the Year

The lovely Melpomene Selemidis nominated me for a Blog of 2012 award - a lovely gesture and even more meaningful coming from a poet and writer of her talent. Make sure you check out her blog - all passion, music and drama! 

Just as pleasingly, witty and gritty romantic suspense writer, the fabulous Incy Black nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger award.  If you want to cry with laugher, read Incy's fantastic original blog post. It's brilliant! And so is she. 

I decided, in the spirit of not talking excessively about myself to combine the two memes. Here's the rules: 

2012 Blog of the Year: The Rules
  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Link back to the person who nominated you.
  • Link back to the Blog of the Year 2012 Rules page so people can read the real, complete, and fully accurate rules of this slightly-different blogger award.
  • State 5 things about yourself.
  • Pass the award on to 6 other bloggers and link to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by pingback.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award: The Rules
  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Link back to the person who nominated you.
  • State 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate other bloggers for this award and link to them

So here's my version....  I'll state 7 things about myself and pass the JOINT award onto my nominated crew! Hope they appreciate the double billing (they are all worth it!).

1. My cat and my daughter are both called different versions of the name of the Greek mythological Queen of the Underworld (Purrrr-sephone, geddit?). Oddly enough, this is a coincidence. 

2. I can do a bad ass impression of a bull frog. Yes, you heard me. A bull frog. My tapir impression ain't bad either.

3. My desert island foods would be goats cheese (grilled with honey, yum!), marmite and Heinz baked beans.... all served on toast.  Most things in life are better on toast.

4. My childhood dream was to sing in the chorus of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dreamcoat. A modest aspiration.  Not the narrator. Not even Potiphar's Wife. Just one of the little white t-shirted kids singing "ahhhhhahhhhh."  It never happened.


5. I came second in a BBC North audition to be in a period drama (A Likely Lad) when I was about 13.  Just think, if it had come off, I could have ended up starring opposite Richard Armitage in North and South.  Not that I've ever fantasised about that. Ahem. 

6. I was once invited to be a Sarah Brightman lookalike.  No, really.

7. I've got a deep and abiding passion for mills (those "dark satanic mills" you hear about in Jerusalem) and factories.  I grew up in a former cotton town on the outskirts of Manchester. Those big, grimy red brick buildings and magnificently curved cooling towers were part of the landscape of my childhood. I find them majestic and just, well, cool (see earlier North and South reference).

Now for my nominations....

It is my great pleasure to nominate the following wonderful bloggers for this award:

Jessica Baker: a fellow historical romance writer and The World's Best Critique Partner, Jessica has lovely blog which cleverly winds in snippets of real life, with snippets of her witty and romantic work.

Ruth Long: a writer of gripping suspense and cracking characterisation, Ruth has a constantly changing blog, featuring her award winning writing along with incredibly useful advice for those of us who aspire to her standards! Ruth is so prolific and generous to the writing community you can also find her co-hosting Sweet Banana Ink.

Kern Windwraith: I love reading Kern's blog which is full of wry and beautiful insights into her life and her writing, from writer's block through to things to simplify your life.

Brewed Bohemian:  Like your fiction flash with a dose of caffeine?  Head on over to Jenn's blog, full of brilliant bite size fiction and the odd splash of gourmet baking.

Stacey Bennett-Hoyt: This lady taught me all sorts about world building. She writes fantastic fantasy, flash and is a fabulous hostest with the mostest when it comes to festive blog hops!

Michelle Woodall: Not a writer this time, but a thinker of thoughtful thoughts.  Michelle's blog is full of depth, wisdom and healing.  A counsellor by training, she shares all her experience with generosity and love.

Rachel Brown: Funny and brilliantly well observed is how I would describe Rachel's blog about the adventures of an optimist around town. Read it, laugh and get a dose of her infectious cheer (and black humour)!

Ladies.... over to you.

For ten more surprising facts click here and read on... 


Sophie Moss said...

Congrats on the blogger award! I'm curious how the bullfrog impression first manifested itself...? With a glass of whisky, I hope. :)

Melpomene Selemidis said...

Fascinating facts Meg! Love them. Told with your characteristic humour and panache! Love the Persephone pun. :D I totally get the North and South thing but Mills? lololololol Thanks for participating and sharing.