Monday, 4 March 2013

Back in the Saddle... Well, nearly

The last few weeks have slid by in a confusing maelstrom of work, moving house, sickness and family woes all at the same time. You know that one?  The one where you're up all night with a vomiting child and trying to sort out mortgage applications in your lunch (half)hour.

Inevitably some things slide.  Sadly, blogging is one of them, tragically writing is another.  

It's a funny one, the writing thing. In times of emotional stress writing can be incredibly cathartic - if not in acute phase, then certainly as things start to process. Bereavement and break ups have both stimulated a great outpouring of creativity.  

But general life stress?  Nope.  It's like a glutinous Victorian smog that chokes any spark of imagination and leaves you only the narrow focus of a to do list circled in red. 


Well, I'm slowly edging past that period (I hope).  Last week, for the first time in a month I actually wrote something.  OK, less than 300 words of something, but it was a start.  Better still it really was a start -a new start for Banshee and one I'm much happier with. 


So, with the first glimmers of spring sunshine, hope stirs that I might not be completely brain dead after all. 

And so... 

I'm going to be pouring writerly WD40 on my mental gears (it's scary how quickly they get rusty) and opening up my notebook to start afresh. 

Banshee.  Right.  

After I've chased up that deposit....  


Marina Sofia said...

Same here! I can whittle on and on at times of major crises (when I probably should be doing other, more heroic things), but throw in some tax returns, faulty equipment, tricky timetable, ill children and deadlines - the usual grind of everyday life - and my writing inspiration goes AWOL.

Lisa Shambrook said...

Glad you're back! The daily grind can consume us if we're not careful, and I can be the queen of procrastination, so I hope you get your inspiration back too!

Sophie Moss said...

Yay for getting back in the groove! We always miss you when you're gone. :)