Thursday, 17 January 2013

Announcing... The Romanchics

I love my Darcy to Dionysus blog, so I do.  I get to....

It's all very cathartic but ever so slightly random.

So when the lovely Aimee Duffy suggested a blog focused on romance I thought, "What the heck! Why not?"

CC licensed image by fidgetrainbowtree

For the last year my romance writing has been kept on track by four very special ladies:

Jessica Baker, my wonderful critique partner, who writes witty and sensual historical romance
Incy Black, a super smart writer of fast paced romantic thrillers
Aimee Duffy, who writes steamy modern romance
JM Stewart, who writes sweet and spicy heartfelt romance

All talented, all different, all slogging their guts out to write the best possible romances for their readers.

Every Thursday we share 100 words of our work in progress with each other in what Jessica dubbed The Dashing 100.  

We each have different strengths, styles and very different voices but we have two things in common: we devour romance and we create romance.

We are in fact, complete romanchics (geddit? Incy's idea).


Here it is.

In glorious technicolor.

With wit, wisdom and passion in our pens.

May I proudly present.....

Five writers dashing to their happily ever afters!


Aimee Duffy said...

Aw you're such a doll. Without you guys I'd be one of those seclusive writers. Glad Jess introduced us! xx

Bullish said...

Yay!!!! Can't wait to see where you take us in your new venture!! xoxoxo