Monday, 3 December 2012

Under the Sea Party - Baking Not Writing

November was nuts.

Nuts with work. 

Nuts with NaNoWriMo

Nuts with kids parties.  

It's that time of the year - a whole spell of birthday parties and so on and all of it culminating on November 30, alongside the end of NaNoWriMo

Well here's the good news - I'm a NaNoWriMo champ.  I did it. 50,000 words by 30 November. Just.  The novel isn't finished, there's another third to go, but damn it, I've written a lot AND held down a full time job AND organised a kids party.   

What was nice about the party thing is that it was a real creative project but using a different bit of the brain.  I find that better than a spa visit for refreshing me and refuelling creatively.  So this isn't a writing post, it's a baking post. But it all relates.  Somehow.  

And besides, this is about achievement.  I did NaNoWriMo (AGAIN) YEAY! I delivered a party for 20 kids - double YEAY.  It ain't a Nobel Prize, but damn I feel like a high achiever.

Instead of party bags we had party boxes - filled with fish stickers, sugar foam prawns and  jelly turtles.

Customised straws with foam fish cut outs! 

My mermaid - made of marshmallow fondant icing, coloured with gel food colouring and decorated with edible glitter and sugar stars. 

I love my octopus.  He's made from a lollipop, wrapped in tissue, with pipecleaner legs and stick on googly eyes! 

My mermaid cake was a three layer sponge with cupcakes for rocks. The icing is marshmallow fondant and buttercream, dyed with gel food colours and sprayed with edible lustre.  When I served it, I surrounded it with golden sherbet as sand. 

My seafood dessert platter was made from wafer ice cream oysters, filled with pink buttercream icing and stuck with white chocolate balls (as pearls) sprayed with edible lustre.  I scattered the pearls all over and added belgian chocolate seashells.  
I carved my shark out of  water melon and with dried cherry eyes and surrounded him with chopped fruit. For full effect, he had an action figure dangling from his mouth. 

A whole collection of octopi! 
I served my Under the Sea party tea on a table with silver plates and golden napkins, spread with sparkly green lametta and irriscent streamers for seaweed and sea foam.  The best table decoration was giant scallop shells that I picked up on a beach a couple of years ago and painted silver with non-toxic enamel paints.  I piled these high with golden sherbet - perfect for dunking lollipop octopi! 


Lisa Shambrook said...

Love it, what a great cake! I'm enjoying a writing break too!

Meg McNulty said...

I'm getting on with photography and baking. Why is photography + baking + writing not what I do all the time? *ponders* ah... that small question of salary. Damn.

Diane J. Reed said...

So adorable! And those sea shapes are AMAZING! What fun you must have had. I think these creative writing breaks refuel your soul and make your writing better in the end, anyway. : )

Sophie Moss said...

I am in awe of you! I bet the kids were so excited to see this spread. And I can't believe you managed all this and NaNo and a full time job! You are a goddess of creativity as far as I'm concerned. :) I want one of those oysters!