Wednesday, 26 December 2012

ICE: A 50 Word Challenge

Flash Fiction overload, I hear you cry! Well yes. But when it is one of the lovely Shambrooks holding a contest who can resist?

Here is 55 word entry for Bekah Shambrook's contest: Ice. Hat tip to Anna Meade for promoting it (go read her story).


Diamonds dripped like tears around her neck, glittering beneath the flashbulbs. Turning, she smiled, teeth gleaming, eyes dry. 

Your choice, a voice whispered. Her heart stuttered. The crowd shifted. Was that him standing amongst her screaming fans? 

No, he was too proud. She’d chosen fame, not him. Not love. 


Unknown said...

What a poignant little mini-tragedy. And the picture goes so well with it. Nicely done. I especially like that it's her choice... we make no greater hell for ourselves than with the things we choose.

Lisa Shambrook said...

Nice bit of devastating realism...

Sophie Moss said...

Captures so much emotion in so few words. Really well done.