Friday, 23 November 2012

Your Writing Haven

Some people write in coffee shops
Some people write in studies
Some people write all hermit-like
Some people write with buddies
I write best when squashed up on the number 45
I'll finish NaNoWriMo on a 45 bus ride

I kind of find it interesting where people choose to write.  When I used to read about people having their special spaces, their writing havens, I'd feel really intimidated.  My lack of a Room Of My Own seemed to stick a post it note on my forehead saying NOT A PROPER WRITER.

Writers have music.

Writers have excel sheets.

Writers have studies.

We have a study in our house.  It had two desks, one for me, one for my husband.  My desk looks a bit like the bastard child of Mount Everest and a Filing Cabinet.  It's piled high with paper and bits of crap.  Camera kit too.  And it faces a wall.

Assuredly, this is not my special space.

Libraries too can be good but often don't work.  Coffee shops likewise.  I always feel like the barista is wishing me away from hogging their much needed tables.  In fact if I use any place too often, it feels to inspire.

No, the place I write best is in transit.  During this NaNoWriMo my best and most inspired writing has been on the 30 minute bus ride between my daughter's school and my place of work. Previously, my best writing has been away on a Mother's Day spa weekend.  Yep, I was the only fluffy bathrobed face masked maiden with a netbook tapping away the final chapters of a historical romance.

And the best place of all?  Trains.  I LOVE writing on trains.  Damn it, I love WORKING on trains.  If I had my way, I'd be like Trotsky, zipping around the place on tracks with the countryside flashing by whilst I channel Agatha Christie and Alfred Hitchcock and the countless other authors who have immortalised the romance of the railtrack.

It's surely no coincidence that Harry Potter is whisked away on the Hogwarts Express.

Trains and buses.  Let's get moving, baby.

So you can keep your Starbucks and your oak panelled libraries.  I'm buying me a £1.40 bus ticket to the NaNoWriMo finish line.  And when I write that worldwide bestseller, I'll be writing the sequel on the Orient Express.*

*in between drinking champagne cocktails and solving murders.

Photo by Gerhard Suster


Lisa Shambrook said...

My writing space is laptop (on lap) on desk is piled high, with anything but writing bits :(
But trains, yes! I wrote tons on a trip to Nottingham...and inspiration hits from the weirdest scenery as you go!

Anonymous said...

I did once having a study, but I have only ever used it for sewing and it got buried in junk long ago. Slowly unearthing it but as it will only be to turn it into a much needed nursery, I'll stick with my netbook on the settee. ;o)

Bullish said...

I love that you write on public transit!! I am so jealous of your train rides!! I love love love trains but not much use for them here, darn it!! Have always wanted to write a story that takes place on a train!

Wonderful post, Meg!! xoxo

Meg McNulty said...

@Ruth me too - they are the spirit of romance! Though intercity express often doesn't look that way :-(

Emilia Quill said...

My writing space is a flimsy foldable table which has been invaded my gaming computer, remotes, a reminder to call the dentist and spectales cleaning thingy. My writing computer (a minilaptop) is on my lap or in the narrow open space.

I once to write with my mini on the bus, but the bumps in the road made it impossible so I type on my cellphone. I like writing on the bus to university since there are less distractions and the scenery passing by is calming. Lots of nature so it looks a bit like the world I'm writing in.

Sophie Moss said...

There is something truly poetic about writing on a train. I can picture you dashing from bus to train to your daughter's school and feverishly writing on any piece of paper you can get your hands on. Write on!

Meg McNulty said...

Ha! Less romantic than that - I actually get my netbook out. I look a bit crazy but hey, it dissuades people from sitting next to me :-)

Shen said...

I have thought about this a lot and I know that for myself, I have to change where I'm writing. Sometimes, I like the comfort of a home but other days I do like to see people. I think your mood and consequently what you write about is really dependent on your environment. So, I suppose writing historical romance is best done a train.