Wednesday, 28 November 2012

NaNoWriMo Week 4 Snippet - The End is Nigh

This week has been challenging.  Work has been frantic, the weekend saw three birthday parties and this week has been eaten up in a morass of party organisation for my own baby's party. I've baked cakes, made party boxes, shopped, created 20 lollipop octopi complete with pipe cleaner legs and googly eyes.  I've made my daughter a mermaid headdress.

Have I written?

Nae mucho.

DAMN!  This was going to be my storming past the finish line week. Now I'll be lucky if I scrape in at the end.  Still, all is not lost.  I just need to rack up 2K or so and I'm there.  Wish me luck.

However I have written something.  I've taken my hero and heroine off to Ireland, to Inishmore, the island she was born on. It's fair to see she's having a difficult time.  Still flying by the seat of my pants I'm not 100% sure where I'm going with this.  Bear with me.

CC image by Alliecouture on flickr - Inishmore


Come, they whispered. Join us.  Forward Tara.
In Piper’s vision she hadn’t been scared.  Here, she was gripped by a terror so pure it turned her insides to fractured ice and locked her limbs stiff. 
She awaits
Leave me alone, she cried in her head, trying to grip onto reality by concentrating on what was there and real, the cold stone against her shoulder, the wind clawing at her hood, the damp earth beneath her knees. 
Forward Tara.
The air grew darker.  All she could see was them, crowding her, pressing in, eyes like dark fire flickering in the night, gaping caverns where mouths should be. 
He shook her shoulder.  “Hey you. Is anyone in there?” His touch was warm, solid and human.  Instinctively, she turned towards him, a moth seeking the warmth of a flame, feral as an animal.  He was flesh and bone, salt and life and she wanted his touch with a hunger that tore through her stomach.
She had forgotten he would be seeing a monster.  


Unknown said...

WOW, this was great. So intriguing, loved how you described him as 'flesh & bone, salt & life' great imagery.

Lisa Shambrook said...

I love this Meg! So much imagery, I love the 'fractured ice', and trying to keep herself in the present then her desperation for him... and that last line. I want to see what he's seeing!

Bullish said...

Such lush imagery here!! We feel the chill of her anxiety and the welcome warmth of his presence. You may not feel as though you know where the story is going, Meg, but the reader certainly doesn't feel it here! Terrific snippet!! :D

Stacy Bennett said...

Meg, what beautiful prose! My goodness, I loved this. The metaphors and the feeling you get in such a small snippet, simply astounding. In a way, I dont care where you're going with it, just keep writing. I love the flow of your words. Moving, wrenching, lovely.

Sophie Moss said...

This is fantastic! Love the poetic prose and rich emotion in this scene. I feel like I'm right here with her. And I'm worried! And of course I'm WILD about the setting! Inishmore?? Yay! I'm so excited to read this story. Oh, and congratulations on completing NaNoWriMo!! You rock. :)

Emilia Quill said...

Echoing others, I love the imagery and the description the beings nearing. Very intriguing.

Meg McNulty said...

@Sophie - poor Inishmore sounds like village of the damned the way I write it. I feel bad - it wasn't like that when I went there on holiday!