Wednesday, 21 November 2012

NaNoWriMo Week 3: Hello Tara

Week three of NaNoWriMo dawns and the scores on the doors are as follows:

40,150 words
1,368 paragraphs
76 pages
6 key characters introduced
2 demons
3 murders (one may or may not be a murder)
2 bottles of whisky drunk (by my heroine, not by me)
1 flashback experienced

My plot has stumbled completely off piste and I'm bored of London, so I'm sending my characters off to Ireland to see what mischief might befall them there.  Another demon attack?  A wise woman's prophecy?  A relative from the grave? 

Who knows?

Not me, that's for sure.  So before I go full steam ahead and set up Pantsers Anonymous self help group for other failed plotters, it's time to share my week 3 snippet. Please bear in mind this is the raw, unedited first draft and be kind.  

You've met Devlin, my male protagonist angsting about his kissing technique.

You've met Rat, my secondary character who was threatening to steal the show.

I thought that it was only fair that Tara, my heroine, gets a shot at the limelight.  Here she is talking to Devlin in the middle of a cemetery, which is of course where you go for calm if you're beset by dead people and have just found out you might be a banshee.  

Extract from Banshee

In the fading light she couldn’t read his expression.  He leaned against the lion’s plinth, his arms crossed and nodded at the noble white face. “This guy guard you did he?”
“Something like that.” 
“You need a tame lion if you’re going to make it on the streets,” Devlin observed. “How did you make it?  Get from being a street kid to running a shop?  Neither of you look like you ever slept rough.”
It was amazing what a veneer of respectability could hide. Nights so cold her knuckles turned red raw and her teeth chattered in her head.  Nights of sleeplessness, desperately trying to guard their meagre belongings, scraps of blanket and pockets of food.  Nights spent eluding the watchers, the people who tried to touch them and seduce them with opiates and amphetamines.  Sean had been such a pretty boy.  Forcibly she cleared her head of memory.  She had become good at compartmentalising. 
Have I made it?”
“Your brother has a property empire from Canary Wharf through to Welwyn Garden City and I’m thinking the pair of you are not yet thirty.  He must have cash coming out of his ears.”
She shrugged. “That’s Sean.  He probably keeps it stuffed in a sock under his pillow and loaded with gravel.”
The corner of his mouth lifted. “Probably the best place for it these days. You still haven’t answered my question.” 


Lisa Shambrook said...

Love the paragraph showing how she's survived, very vivid and gives you a hint at what she's been through. Also draws us into her story, wondering how they survived, the odds appeared very stacked against them!
I want her to answer his question and tell us how she made it!
Great teaser Meg.

Unknown said...

Love how we get a snippet of her past, agree with Lisa, very vivid and has me guessing at what she had to do to leave all that behind.

Loving being part of this Nano sharing :)

Aimee Duffy said...

Great flash Meg and congrats on the progress! Ooo, I say you whisk them off to Ireland. Can't wait to see what you come up with!


Bullish said...

Totally want to know more about her back story and her brother. Yeah, let's have a good long look at him! I love that she is a survivor and getting a peek at the will power that will hopefully get her through whatever faces her in the here-and-now!! :D

Miranda Kate said...

OMG! So tantalising - it's the brother isn't it? what I have no idea, but hope to find out more, if you post us another snippet at the end - Pretty please! Brilliant stuff!

Meg McNulty said...

Thanks ladies - you are very kind! Must say I love the brother. He deserves his own book.