Monday, 15 October 2012

#poemwalk2012: Into the Woods

When Ruth Long launched her Poem Walk blog hop, I just knew I had to give it ago.  For those of you who don't know Ruth, firstly, get to know her because she's a writerly superstar of huge generosity.  Secondly, you should know that she writes like a poet all the time with music in every word.  

I'm not sure I quite hit the theme with this prose poem, but this is just what came.  

Poem Walk: Into the Woods

Forking dark against the sky I smell them, damp wood, crushed leaves, dark sentinels crowding us, shrouding us with their bony, rain blackened limbs.   Fingers redden, numb knuckled in the creeping chill.   The light is ebbing, seeping away, fading rich russet to dull brown, fading our faces to blank circles in the twilight gloom.   I taste rain in the air, and tears. 

Darkness is coming. 

He shrugs against the icy wind, jaw locked tight, eyes fixed, red rimmed.   Words rise, tighten my throat, halt, choke.   Turning away I snatch at dripping glossy leaves, let them drift through my fingers to the glutinous mud.  

Darkness is coming. 

Gossip whispers through the branches, mocks in frigid gusts.  Our silent steps slow and we stand, watching the water turn to black and silver.   Vacant air presses my skin with the smooth chill of isolation.  I swallow, bow my head.  

In the darkness, his hand finds mine.   

Image by Gyst

Blog Hop Details

What: Prose poems of 150 – 250 words (details below and here)

When: October 8th – October 21st

Theme: Horror/Suspense or Uncanny Nature

How to join: Send a tweet to @bullishink or @dustyjournal with the hashtag #poemwalk2012 and the link to your poem OR use the linky below

Prizes: 1st Place = $25 gift certificate / 2nd Place = $15 / Sign Up Incentive = If we get 10 or more participants Dusty Journal will gift a journal to her favorite entry
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Sophie Moss said...

Beautiful, Meg! Filled with rich imagery and emotion.

Anonymous said...
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Bullish said...

You wove such a wonderful web of imagery and suspense that I wasn't sure where we were going and I loved the surprise of that warm reassuring hand at the end!!

Thank you so much for joining in!!! xo

Diane J. Reed said...

We're not worthy! Soooo gorgeous, Meg, and just pulsating with anticipation and life! It's such a joy to get these wonderful snippets of your work! : )

Kern Windwraith said...

So lovely and evocative.The creeping tension is brilliant, and like Ruth, I love the unexpectedness of that warm hand.

Beautiful imagery, too: "fading our faces to blank circles in the twilight gloom" and "Gossip whispers through the branches, mocks in frigid gusts"--pure magic.

Lisa Shambrook said...

Such rich colours and so evocative Meg! I love 'I taste rain in the air, and tears.'
Your imagery made me shiver!

Meg McNulty said...

What lovely comments, particularly for a new venture - thank you so much! :-)

Marina Sofia said...

Very atmospheric, got my spine all tingly and chilled...
Good luck with the competition!

Sarah said...

Just have to echo all the praise lavished above - love it - love it - love it!
And the last sentence made me smile :-) all is right with the world afterall wherever our imagination takes us!

Meg McNulty said...

I feel very encouraged by all the kind comments on my first venture into prose poetry - thank you!