Tuesday, 30 October 2012

NaNo... WHAT?

2 sleeps until NaNoWriMo

Am I all plotted? 

Is my notebook at the ready? 

Do I have a storyboard spread across my wall?  

Do I have a sparkling pinterest board full of shiny faced characters?

Have I got a fantasy map all plotted out?

Is the pope a druid? 


So that's a no then.  (At least I think it is.  After the Da Vinci code, one doesn't like to make assumptions.)

Ah yes.  2 sleeps until the National Novel Writing Month frenzy commences and I'm still seesawing between plot ideas.  Do I want to start a brand new concept?  Do I want to rewrite an old project from scratch thus becoming a NaNo Rebel?  Do I want to continue something I started before thus invoking the Zokutou clause?

Thank GOD for the support of The Ultimate Plotter, Ruth Long, who like a fairy godmother of writing, scatters her precious hard won gems of wisdom across the writing sorority.  Just read her How to Find Your Story's Premise or her paean to STRUCTURE.  Damn, it's so enticing it makes me want to break out the lego. 

LEGO by Bdesham

With Ruth at our backs the writing world can DO THIS THING.

I just have to make a decision.  And being a Myers Briggs "P" type this isn't easy for me.  "P" stands for "Perceiving".  For some reason, this can be loosely translated into "Last Minute Merchant Who Is Only At Their Best When Faced With An Insurmountable Deadline."

"P" for Pantser, in other words.

But no.  I shall not give in to the unwieldy lure of pantsing and pottering through November.   

I have 2 days.  That's enough to come up with a plot - right?  RIGHT?
So whether I'm a NaNo-Rebel (sounds like Star Wars, cool), a Zokutou-ist (sounds like a spiritual guru, cool) or a NaNoWriMo-er (the ultimate prize), I am DOING THIS THING.  



Are you with me? 

Pens at the ready.....  and WRITE! 


Bullish said...

I am with you, my lovely Moppet! Together we shall slay the NaNo monster, one day at a time! xo

Sophie Moss said...

I started to panic last night when I realized it was only two days away! But I guess it's time to stop outlining and just dive into the story. Nervous, but excited. :)

Meg McNulty said...

Sophie this is why I love you (apart from you being an ace writer, selkie queen and lovely person) - you have to finish outlining, I have to START! Xx

Lady Bullish - you are my guiding star :-)

Lisa Shambrook said...

Without Ruth's consummate wisdom and scattering of wonderful posts...we'd probably all be a bit lost! I've stuck with bullet point lists and a few inspired interviews with my characters (which I think I found on your blog a while ago Meg!) and I have a fair idea of where I'm going. So now it's just about pulling it all together...oh, and writing, lots.
Enjoy it Meg, Sophie and Ruth!