Friday, 28 September 2012

The LOOK challenge courtesy of @AimeeDuffyX

It's time for a meme.  Author of The Monster of Fame, sauce-tastic romance writer Aimee Duffy tagged me in the LOOK challenge:

The aim of the game is to search for the first instance of the word ‘look’ in your current wip and post this together with the surrounding paragraphs. Then I’ve to inflict this madness onto five others—fun times!
credit timlewisnm

Dutifully I searched my About To Be Significantly Restructured, Replotted And Rewritten Work in Progress Banshee  and lo! Here we go.  This scene is the first encounter that the heroine, Tara, has with the hero, Devlin:

. “I don’t think so.  MacFinn?  Doesn’t ring any bells.”  She forced herself to meet his gaze.  “What were you wanting them for?”  
As soon as she asked she wished she hadn’t.  It was a mistake to look too interested.
“I’d rather discuss that with them.” 
“A personal thing is it?  Well if I come across them, I’ll pass the message on.”  The words came out cold, frosted by the fear clogging her tongue. 
They’re coming
“There’s no need to so, Miss MacFinn, I can tell you directly.”
Not for the first time that day, Tara murmured one word. “Shit.” 

Aimee's latest work is currently on public display on the Mills & Boon contest So You think You Can Write - if you like Spanish millionaires and wicked heiresses, pop on over to the site and find one running round a hotel in her underwear!

Now to tag...

Ruth Long
Stacy Bennett-Hoyt
Kern Windwraith
Jenn at Brewed Bohemian
Afsaneh Khetrapal

Let's see what you're writing then!


Aimee Duffy said...

You sweetheart!

Since you didn't share this week, I've been looking out for your post so I can get my fix of Tara and Devlin! As ever, missy, you don't disappoint xxx

Bullish said...

Love the title, love the name Devlin (I have a hero by that name too!), and love the two word internalization "they're coming' because that totally gets my attention and makes me want to keep reading!!! Give us more, Meg!!!

Thanks for the tag - I'll have mine posted before weekend's end!! :)

Meg McNulty said...

Yeay! Can't wait to read yours Lady Bullish :-)

Lisa Shambrook said...

'It was a mistake to look too interested.' love that line, we can all resonate with it!
Sounds like she's in trouble...looking forward to more!

Sophie Moss said...

I agree with Lisa. Great line. Can't wait to read this story! :)