Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunshine Blog Award from @JMStewartWriter

Lovely Joanne Stewart, romance writer and author of The Playboy's Baby and A Second Chance at Forever was kind enough to tag me in with the Sunshine Blog Award meme. 

The Sunshine meme is simple: I answer 8 questions and then I spread the love and others to do the same.  so here goes:

1.      What is your favourite Christmas/festive movie?
The Sound of Music.  Hands down.  But to be honest, that's not a Christmas movie, it's an all year round spirit lifter.  If I was going to pick an actual Christmas film, I reckon it would be It's a Wonderful Life.  Hard to beat, really. 

2.      What is your favourite flower?
I was taken with Joanne's answer to this (roses, lilac and lavender), but for me the most magical flower is the bluebell.  In the dappled woods they spread, thick as carpet, beneath the trees as though the sky has shattered into a thousand pieces. Pick them and they droop in your hand.  Leave them and they whisper fairy songs.  Pure magic. 

Credit: amsr_photography

3.      What is your favourite non-alcoholic beverage?

Earl Grey tea, particularly served with a piece of very dark chocolate. Fragrant, invigorating and delicious. 

4.      What is your passion?

Mythology. If I look around the house I see tiny plastic models of the Minotaur and Cerberus, I see a hardback book of myths and legends flung open at Atalanta's story.  The shelves are packed tight with the Golden Bough, the Oxford Classical Dictionary and numerous plays in translation.  There's a fimo minotaur on the mantelpiece, alongside a lollystick Medusa.  Our kitten, Persephone, is curled on my knee.  All signs of a passion communicated and shared with my daughter.  Happiness is a tale of murder and god-given insanity ;-)

5.      What is your favourite time of year?

Normally I'd say right now.  I love autumn.  Love the hint of frost in the air, the clear blue skies, the crunch of leaves beneath my feet and the feeling of new beginnings, harvest, abundance and festival.  One of the stories I was proudest of as a kid was an ode to autumn. I wrote it when I was nine. 

6.      What is your favourite time of day?

When I'm not exhausted, I'd say early morning - dawn even.  Despite being a bit of a night owl, I function best in the morning. I have the most energy and the clearest head.  I like the pale wash of the light and the feeling of starting over. 

7.      What is your favourite physical activity?

I'm not big on sport but I do love being in the water, swimming, floating or just having a bath.  Sometimes I wonder if there's a bit of selkie in my bloodstream.

Credit: Jagrap

8.      What is your favourite vacation?

I have been to some wonderful places; sipping limonata in the sub-tropical beaches in Oaxaca - that was good.  A girls roadtrip around Ireland, getting lost on Inishmore - that was good.  Slipping in and out of the souks in Marrakesh - that was good (until I got a cold and then it was hellish).  But best of all was a holiday where I jumped on a ferry all on my own and went to Arran, an island off the West Coast of Scotland.  

I'd been having a bit of a difficult time and I went away on an impulse. It was the first time - the only time - I'd been away on my own.  I still remember the feeling of freedom of getting on that ferry, tasting the salt on my  lips and feeling the wind whip my hair.  The weather was awful, black skies and lashing rain, I wasn't kitted out for it and I didn't know a soul.  It was wonderful.  Magical.  

So who next?

I know some people who find memes a bit annoying, but I'm hoping that these two special people will spare the time because I'd love to get to know them better.  They are fellow myth lovers:

Melpomene Selemidis
Chris Ledbetter

Follow them on Twitter if you know what's good for you!


Sophie Moss said...

So much fun to hear more about you, Meg! Love the pic of that bath and I can absolutely relate to taking a trip alone to a windswept Scottish/Irish island. Nothing like that feeling of freedom of being all on your own to wander and daydream and explore. :)

Melpomene Selemidis said...

I've finally gotten around to reading this and it's amazing how similar we are Meg! The movies, the magic, the Mythology and the Selkie connection to water!
How wonderful to have those stories to share with our children, to have the adventure, to feel the excitement of the journey, to taste the salt on your lips and to float dreamily in the fluid that is life...

Thank you so much for sharing more of wonderful whimsical you with your eye for beauty, blood thirsty respect for tragedy and sense of Irish fun!

Thank you so much for entering my life, for thinking of me always and for including me in your journey.

Meg McNulty said...

Thank you Melpomene, that means a lot. Can't wait to read yours!