Friday, 21 September 2012

Michael Hauge - Master of Stories

Over the last year I've benefited massively from plot and structure advice from Twitter pals and Fictionista friends (especial thanks to Ruth Long founder of Sweet Banana Ink). It is entirely due to their generosity that I've discovered Larry Brooks and Margie Lawson, which have been revolutionary.

 Now thanks to the incomparable Sophie Moss I've been looking up musings from Hollywood screenwriter Michael Hauge. And he's good. Very good.

His advice is quite similar to Larry's but I think if you're writing romance it's even more accessible, primarily because he speaks at RWA conferences and understands the genre. Sadly, being on the wrong side of the pond it's unlikely I'll be able to attend one of Michael's workshops myself, but happily I came across a blog which summarised his workshop very helpfully:

Jami Gold, Paranormal's Authors Michael Hauge blog posts. (with thanks to Jami Gold!)

 And of course you can always pop over to Michael's Story Master website to pillage his wonderful resources.

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Jami Gold said...

Thanks for the link to my blog!

You're right about that similarity between Larry Brooks and Michael Hauge--and great point about what Michael brings to the table for romance writers. His ability to see how the romance plotline flows when there might not be a "big bad" is great for the rest of us. :)