Friday, 3 August 2012

Summoning a Banshee... with thanks to @IncyBlack

We're lying on the beach in the sun.  Yes, you heard me: sun.  This is the ONE sunny day of the Summer.  My other half is slowly basting himself and I am sitting on a raincoat (always be prepared say I).

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Basking... knitter Patricia Martin of Unwinding Slowly
I look at the blank page of my notebook and doodle a pale blue ink.  "Someone recommended that I try my hand at paranormal.".

He glances up.  "Paranormal?"

"Yeah, like vampires, werewolves and stuff."

"People read that?"

"Yeah it's a big romance genre.  One of the biggest.  HUGE."

"Women are weird."

"I don't want to write about vampires and werewolves though.  I want to do something different."

"Like what?"

"Well, when I first started writing I had this story about a selkie and a weather witch who was going out with a psychopathic drug dealer."

He laughs.  "Cool."

I sigh.  "It didn't really work.  She was pathetic and it was all a bit overambitious.  What do you think I should try?"

"Um."  He thinks for a moment. "This is a bit weird."

"Go on."

"A banshee.  Not sure what women would think about it, but I reckon a guy could find a banshee kind of sexy. Black hair, pale skin, kind of scary."

I look at him.  "A banshee."

"A banshee."

White Banshee by Tigerkaetzchen 

I turn the idea over in my mind and toss it in with the weather witch plot.  I add a Selkie and then take him out.  No need for that.  I play with the drug dealing idea - maybe a lover, but maybe a family member. Gangland.  Like the Sopranas.

Suddenly shadows are slipping across a storeroom and a woman is crouched in the corner.  I have my first scene.

Banshees.  Who knew?

With thanks to the fabulous Incy Black for prompting the original train of thought.  If I write a paranormal, it's thanks to you.


Lisa Shambrook said...

Sounds cool, Banshee's would definitely be something new to explore. Way, way better than twinkling vampires!
PS. I'd never ask my hubby what to write about...I'd be waiting for an answer for days, nay weeks!

Sophie Moss said...

Great idea! I still think you should shake the dust off that selkie book. :) You know how I love selkies... But a Banshee sounds fun, too! Most of all, I like the idea of doing something different than vampires and werewolves. Happy writing!

Cameron said...

Go for it - I'm hooked already, but then I always love your stuff xxx

Meg McNulty said...

@Lisa my husband has been traumatised by having a writer brother and having had to read and comment on his work for years. He practically had an apoplexy when I took up writing again, so we have a gentlemen's agreement that we don't discuss it... usually!

@Sophie there may be a touch of selkie yet... but no vampires or werewolves.

@Cameron - thank you! And likewise.