Friday, 6 July 2012

What if....? Hektor and Achilles - lovers or fighters?

Written for my lovely fictionistas Kern, Ruth, Jenn and Stacey - some homo-erotic fan fiction based on the Trojan War cycle.  What if Hector was in love... and it wasn't with Andromache? 

Preoccupied Hector? 
Dreaming of You 

The Greek was bronze made flesh.

Lying twisted in sweat soaked sheets, he had dreamed of this moment.  It haunted him, taunted him, created a fever in his battle-hewn muscles.  He woke, screams choking in his throat and felt the confusion in his body, the heat in his loins, the fear stroking his spine.  Turning to Andromache, he would spread his hands on her silken thighs, lower his cracked lips to her like a man starved and thirsting.   

But he was not satisfied.

She was too soft, her cries too sweet.  The delicate smell of spices in her hair failed to rouse him.  Shuddering, he rolled to the side, clutched fistfuls of his hair and groaned.  Andromache leant over him, face creased with concern, murmuring endearments and reassurances.  “You occupied with this endless war, my love. There is so much death... This will pass, it is nothing.  You are our greatest warrior.  You will come back to me.”

It sickened him, suffocated him like death.

Gods!  How had he offended them to earn such torment?  To think, dream, see nothing but tumbled golden hair, gleaming skin, the flash of white teeth and bare feet.  To betray his wife nightly in thought if not in deed.   It was a plague upon him, shrivelling his manhood.  He was incapable now.  He thought of nothing but the duel which lay ahead.

The great gates opened.  They stood facing each other, dust and sand billowing in clouds around their feet. 

The Greek was bronze made flesh. 

Beneath his crested helm his eyes were merciless as the desert skies and a faint smile traced his perfect lips. 
Could he know? 


But slowly, intimately, Achilles’ lips pursed.

A kiss.

And in that moment Hector knew the Greek must die. 

Or he must.

Want a bit of swordplay Trojan? Come and get it


Kern Windwraith said...

This is awesome! Steamy, sensual, angsty and emotional, not to mention beautifully written. Those visual accompaniments are perfect, especially that pucker forming on Achilles's lips! Gotta love the homoerotic fan fiction. :)

Jo-Anne Teal said...

What Kern said...ditto. Really beautifully structured and written, Meg. :)))

Meg McNulty said...

Glad you're loving the homoerotic fan fiction ladies - not sure what Homer would have made of it ;-)

Sophie Moss said...

Wow, Meg. Seriously? This is ridiculously good. I've actually come back to it a few times thinking, holy shit, did she really go there? Yes, she did. And she nailed it! I will never look at these two men the same. LOL!