Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunshiney Me and Ten Surprising Facts (Cheers Jeffrey)

There aren't many people in this world who are half Ferengi and half Klingon, but Jeffrey Hollar is one.  He's also a double black belt, a cunning linguist and he's taken Dirty Harry on his own turf.


If you aren't following his blog you should.  His writing is dark, funny and original.  If you aren't following him on Twitter you should.  His tweets are dark, funny and original. 

Jeffrey got awarded a sunshine award by the ever lovely Afsaneh K and you know what?  He passed on the torch.  So here's my shot at telling you ten Little Known Facts about myself.

Ten surprising / Obscure / Unknown Facts About Me

1. In my early youth I had a mean line in Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas impressions from The Vikings to the Sons of Taras Bulba.   I spent a fair bit of time galloping up and down the kitchen shouting, "over the canyon!" 

2. I used to make silver foil shoes for fairies and leave them on the window sill. The fae must have disdained my design skills.  They never picked them up. 

3. The only language at which I excelled was Ancient Greek.  I got a first.  Can't even read the alphabet now :-(

4. When I was at school I came second in an audition to star in a BBC drama, thus missing out on my chance for child stardom.  Oh How Different it might all have been.

5. My parents are strict catholics and named me after a woman who was crushed under a barn door and then had her hand cut off.  Sadly for them I don't aspire to follow her example.

6. My life is punctuated by Momentous Moments In Science.  When I was born, my mum shared a ward with the mum of the World's First Test Tube baby. This year, I shared my birthday with the Higgs Boson.  One day I'm going to find out I'm Bionic. Or an android. Or genetically mutated.  One can only hope.

7.  I've given birth once and my waters never broke.  My baby was born underwater still in her caul which means she's magical and mysterious and destined for greatness.  Like I didn't know that already. 

8. I took classics A-level purely based on my love for Clash of the TitansI'm still completely obsessed with classics so it's fair to say that Harry Hamlyn changed my life. 

9. When I moved to Scotland a fortune teller told me that I should stop drinking fizzy drinks (I don't, never did), plant a rose bush and become a landscape gardener.  I don't frequent fortune tellers.

10. I still sometimes check the back of wardrobes to see if I might get into Narnia.  You just never know.

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Kern Windwraith said...

Love your post. I'm very impressed that you got a first in Ancient Greek, even if you don't remember most of it. And I bet those fairies did use those shoes. They probably snatched them up, danced till dawn, and then replaced the shoes, slightly sweaty and dew-soaked, on your window sill.

Unknown said...

Delightful insight to your little corner of the world. Thanks for sharing. The award was well-deserved indeed.

Marina Sofia said...

Those were genuinely surprising facts about yourself and very well written too! I really enjoyed that! P.S. I also check the back of wardrobes regularly...

Meg McNulty said...

Thanks Kern - YEAY for secret dancing fairies!

Jeffrey - always glad to blast sunshine into the Ferengi hold.

Marina - glad I'm not the only one :-) I KNEW there were other secret wardrobe feelers in the world!

Sophie Moss said...

You used to leave silver foil shoes for the fairies on your windowsill? That might be the cutest thing I've ever heard. :)
I know I already said it on Twitter, but had to post here too.:)

Unknown said...

So grateful to have discovered your blog. The title alone drew me in. I can relate to a few things in this post. I come from a Catholic background but was named after Welsh valleys. None in particular, just valleys in general; sadly not as dramatic as yourself. To make up for this I named my daughter after the three charities. Whilst a Greek name, Charis sounds Welsh, allowing us a little nod to my Welsh heritage. She wasn't born with her caul intact if that is the correct turn of phrase; that reminds me of The Birth House by the lovely Ami McKay.

I could go on but I shan't bore you further. Although I too am partial to fizzy pop and will always look for the Narnia in my every day.

Looking forward to following your posts.

Best, Glynis