Thursday, 21 June 2012

Shall I? A #SatSunTails Winning Entry.

I'm a winner!  

This week I'm proud to be the winner of Rebecca Clare Smith's #SatSunTails contest.  I love #SatSunTails - the prompts are always challenging and as a consequence, the quality is always great.  I'm always really thrilled to do well!

As always there was a visual prompt (below) and a written prompt: "incarcerated risks."

Shall I? 

I can’t see her face. No features. Just shadow and shape outlined against the light above me. Typical that - just a little bit lofty.

It’s the frill of feathers that’s the giveaway. Stubby, adolescent, jutting from her back like some fluffed up duckling. She ain’t looked temptation in the eye and walked away. Nah. She’s stuck in the middle, a soul looking to prove herself. And if she don’t?  Them pearly gates’ll slam in her face faster than you can say Old Pete and she’ll be down here with the rest of us proles who didn’t make the cut.

With me.

Question is do I want her? Can I be arsed twisting myself into some trussed up version of her darkest fantasy? Or playing the vulnerable baby? It’s a cracker that one, sweet as a nut for them with a martyr complex.

Nah, fuck it. Gabe can have her. This time. 

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