Monday, 4 June 2012

Forbidden Love: Heaven and Hell

Sweat beads the young priest’s neck, his black cotton shirt clinging like a shroud. Glancing back at the dim altar he pauses, closes his eyes, takes a deep breath. 

Opening a side door, he steps into the alley.

My territory.

Pleasure sighs through me.  No, not pleasure, I can't feel that.  More like an itch scratched.  Temporary relief from the torment screaming in my blood, gut twisting, skin clawing. 

But the Guardian won't give up his soul without a struggle.  I know that. It's why I'm here. For the bigger prize.

I sense him instantly, his presence plucking my strung out nerves.  Angel-fire licks my skin, excruciating.

“Nybras.”  On the Guardian’s lips, my name is harp song.  I don’t look, can’t look.   

“Servant of God,” I acknowledge.  I don’t say his name, he thinks names unnecessary.  His obedience, his oneness is perfect. Memory punches me: for a moment the world disappears.

“Let him go, Nybras.  His soul is pure.”  

Purity.  That's what the Guardian chose, to be unsullied by me. Bile rises, the taste of bitter betrayal.

“Pure? In two minutes he’ll be shoving money at a whore, fucking him in this alley.  His soul is mine.”


“You inflame him.  Let him go, Nybras.”

“Why should I?” I turn.  Terror grips my throat at his celestial beauty. I am consumed by longing. Dying of it.

“For love.”  Serenity in his face.  No trace of my disorder.

“My love for you?”  Laughter strangles me.  “Fuck you, Gabriel. I was cast out for love.”

He hesitates. “Repent.  God is Mercy.”

I drink him in, the flaming glory of his eyes, the whiteness of his throat.  “Leave Him,” I whisper.  “We could be together.”

His sudden absence scars the air, echoes in my damned heart.

The priest is mine.

I lost.

300 words

This is my entry for Ruth Long, Lillie McFerrin and Janelle from 'Me & Mia''s  300 word "Forbidden Love" Blog Hop challenge.  Find out more about the contest and contestants over on Ruth's fabulous blog!

This story was inspired by thinking about lovers who were as far from each other as possible (heaven and hell) but also, by thinking about the nature of love - divine love, platonic love, passionate love and what happens when those things are in opposition too.  I liked the thought of playing it out over the soul of  man who is also tempted by forbidden love. 


Jess Schira said...

There really isn't something about the fact that priests are forbidden that makes them desirable, that and the fact that they all seem to have the eyes of poets, something I've always been a sucker for.

I love the way you made liberal use of your descriptive voice in this piece. Very nice.

Janelle said...

Really powerful, I read it twice and wanted it to continue! Thanks for entering :)

Cameron said...

You've done it now, Meg. You KNOW I have a thing about priests which is why the hero of my novel is a fallen priest. That was superb and the twist at the end I wasn't expecting ... whooo whoooo

Lillie McFerrin said...

So unexpected in the best way! Thank you for everting and sharing this powerful piece with us!!!

Lillie McFerrin said...

*entering :)

Bullish said...

Thank you for entering our blog hop!! Your entry totally blew my socks off!! Just when I thought you were going to give us a tainted priest story, you took us back even further to characters from the original fall!! Stellar storytelling!!

Lisa Shambrook said...

Beautifully played out... Seems like eternal misery for the demon. Gorgeous imagery of both angel and demon!

Meg McNulty said...

Thank you! I'm been tweaking and tweaking the poor thing to get it under 300 words and making it more obvious, then less obvious. Hope it still works!

Anonymous said...

Wow! This is such an amazing read! I love the voice in this, I was completely mesmerized and read it twice. Your characters come off as strong, and well built - amazing considering the 300 words. Keep up the great work!

Meg McNulty said...

Thanks Chessny!

Andrea said...

Very powerful stuff. Beautifully raw.

Becky Fyfe said...

Wow! This was very powerful writing, and I loved the choice of angels and demons.

Jo-Anne Teal (jtvancouver) said...

I could hear the crescendo! Meg, a very strong, passionate piece of writing. Your writing voice is pitch perfect. Wow!

Unknown said...

A very deep and powerful piece and so passionate. I can't believe you packed so much into 300 words. Very well done. I shall look forward to reading more of your work now that I have found you. xxx

Sarah said...

I had an idea for an angel story but you've blown me away with yours and it makes mine seem very tame - but I shall still give it a go...can't resist.
Fantastic story Meg - well done! :-)

Unknown said...

Great story, something about that longing that makes it powerful!