Saturday, 2 June 2012

Baby Dragon Found on Beach

This is my baby's baby dragon.  Her name (chosen by her) is RaRa.


Once upon a time RaRa was sitting on a rock.  And one day she had a baby and she teached it how to fly and how to blow fire.  And how to scare everyone. And roar.  And Cora was very happy. And happily ever after.




Bullish said...

OH! This is so precious! I love how your baby is already writing strong self-sufficient females!! So glad you shared this!! :)

Lisa Shambrook said...

Gorgeous in every way!

Meg McNulty said...

We quite often make up stories - she has a strong preference for stories about babies (human, dragon, bunny, unicorn whatever) being naughty (plot not essential)! I'm always trying to put conflict in and getting told off...

Me: "So the goodies make a break for it.."

C: "No mummy they don't try and escape."

Me: "But they have to try to escape. Otherwise nothing will happen."

C: "The baddies can just talk to each other and the goodies can stay in prison."

Me: "But that would be a bit boring wouldn't it?"

C: "No."

Me: "Oh."