Sunday, 6 May 2012

#SatSunTails: A Vampire Story

This week's #SatSunTails had two prompts.  The image below and this phrase:

“underneath the inconsequential”

150 words

A Vampire Story 

“A tattoo?  You got a freakin’ tattoo?” Eyes bulging, face stiff as plaster.  Ma gave up expressions along with aging gracefully.  “It’s the goddamn pageant tomorrow.  Jesus God! Look at that thing!”

I finger the dressing on my neck. It’s not what you’d call unobtrusive, this tatt.  Half butterfly, half bloody corpse.  Symbolic, I like to think.

She drags a comb through platinum hair, nails gleaming like hellfire.  “After all I’ve done for you!  You freakin’ ingrate.”

I walk to fridge, fling open the door and stare.  Rows of cartons.  Tomato juice, she says.  De-tox.  Bending down, I pick up the bag I brought back from Cancun.  It’s narrow, heavy.  

“I’m sorry ma, I really am.” 

After the last show, girls started disappearing. Rivals. I touch the cartons. They’re red, blood-red. Look underneath the inconsequential and you’ll always find something.  Folks will do anything to stay young. 

Opening the zipper, I reach for the stake.


littleindian said...

As from the fridge, I was expecting a frozen 'steak'.

Meg McNulty said...

LOL it would have been a novel approach certainly.

Lisa Shambrook said...

Loved this, fantastic writing and loved Ma giving up expressions along with aging gracefully!

Angela Lynn said...

Random meaningless thought: my husband has a butterfly tat. it's a skull with wings of sorts. hard to explain now that i think about it.


I love this! There is so much going on. I have lots of questions (in a great way) and would love to read more!

Dorit Fuhg said...

A great read.. instantly took me to another place after bl*** long day in the office.
I also love the "Ma gave up expressions" bit.
Can't wait for a novel :)

Meg McNulty said...

Oh thank you so much! Funny how characters like this spring to life in flash fiction. I had a really strong picture of the protagonist in this.