Friday, 25 May 2012

Kickass Kindred Kreativ Kreatures

Half elf queen - half writer
Anna Meade.

Oh yes. Say that name and strange things happen. Out of the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of something. A fleeting impish smile. The tinkle of laughter that sounds somehow more than human.

Next thing you know baby dragons are chewing your toes off, Galactus is about to eat your planet and you've been turned into a pearl. Or a pig. You're living in a coral cave beneath the ocean playing chess with Selkies.

Yeah THAT Anna Meade. The one who can get a hundred people writing about fairies. The one who rules Twitter with a gem encrusted magical gauntlet.

The one who gave me more followers that Kim Kardashian. Well nearly.

Fair Anna, mistress of whimsy and the magical arts has done me the great honour of presenting me with the Kreativ blogger award (*sweeps curtsey, tips hat*).

Pretty isn't it?

Even better, what I didn't realise is that the inkily fabulous Ruth Long had also tagged me.  One of my beloved Fictionistas (eyes right to link list), Ruth has a heart as big as five oceans.  She champions her writerly friends like Spartacus facing down a lion.  Damn, she'd hurl a cupcake no FIVE cupcakes into the ravening maw of rampaging bilge dragon to help out a Fictionista pal.

Moreover, she is a Person of Influence.  Within days of connecting with Ruth on Fairy Anna's blog contest, I was watching Hellboy 2 merely to catch a glimpse of her beloved Nuada, I was avidly rifling through Laurie Hutzler's blog, writing fantasy and damn well changing half my lazy writing ways.  She's a Life Changer, short and simple - I'm delighted she asked me to join her writers' group. 

Now that Ruth and Anna have nominated me, I had better play.  Them's the rules.  No, here's the rules:

1. Thank and link back to the person that nominated you.
2. Answer the ten questions.
3. Share ten random thoughts/facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 7 worthy bloggers for the award. 

The Questions:

1. What is your favourite song?

Obviously this depends on mood, which way the wind is blowing and what side of bed I got out of.  I'm a Manchester girl and love Manchester music.  The Stone Roses (I have tickets - YEAY!), New Order... but the song I chose for my ring tone is Evangeline by the Icicle Works.  I liked it so much, I chose it as my confirmation name. 

2. What is your favourite dessert?

In the winter, sticky toffee pudding, in the summer, raspberry pavlova.  All year round I have an uncontrollable addiction to the Scottish delicacy known as a snowball

3. What ticks you off?

Unfairness. That covers a multitude of sins, from racism through to favouritism.  Unfairness sucks.

4. What do you do when you get upset?

Like the Fair Anna, I submerge myself in scalding water and soak my troubles away.  Baths cure the world's evils, period. And they also cure evil periods.

5. Which is your favourite pet?

The only pet I currently have is a long lived sucky cat fish thing which survives utter neglect, murky water and erratic feeding.  Our relationship is not built on love but on wary respect.  It will outlive me.  I grew up with cats. I loved them, I thought they were mystical guardians of our home.  But my favourite pet of all time was Sovvie, my dim, beautifully mannered Shetland Sheepdog. She had the loveliest doggie eyeliner. 

6. Which do you prefer, black or white?

Depends on whether you're talking about teeth, magic or chocolate.  

7. What is your biggest fear?

Anything bad happening to my child. 

8. What is your attitude mostly?

Make it so! I'm an optimist by nature.  I like to dream big dreams and even better, I like to turn them into reality.  I'm the habit of saying... "In the next five years I will..."  I'm great at starting.  I'm dreadful at finishing. 

9. What is perfection?

Anna Meade ;-)

10. What is your guilty pleasure?

CSI.  I don't watch TV (particularly now the remote control is broken and the TV permanently fixed to Cbeebies) but I find an episode of CSI irresistible.  CSI plus a curry plus a sofa blanket is a fine way to chill.  Just as long as I've been able to fit in a bath. 

Now the facts: 10 Obscure Meg Facts

  • My first crush was David Bowie in Labyrinth.  It was the start of a long love affair with men in breeches particularly those with malevolent goblin powers.
  • I make the world's finest triple chocolate cookies.  So chocolatey they will blow your head off and your mind.
  • I think parma violets are disgusting but like violet creams. One of life's mysteries.
  • My first album was Hallelujah by the Happy Mondays.  It was the last cool thing I ever did.
  • At different points in my childhood I was Taras Bulba, a Viking and a Silver Brumby.  Like the man said, Allah loves great variety (and so do I). 
  • I met my husband showing him a database.  He'd travelled with the Zapatistas, exhumed bodies in Guatemala and run club nights in Glasgow and he fell in love over a database.  Who knew?
  • I hate dry paint like the fires of hell. It makes my fingernails want to fall off.
  • I once knew how to read Ancient Greek.  Now I don't even know the alphabet. :-(
  • I get book anxiety.  If I'm travelling somewhere I need my kindle, my iphone (with kindle app) and a hard copy something.  Just in case my kindle runs out of charge, my iphone falls down the toilet and...  GOD FORBID I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO READ.  Though if I have a notepad, I can write my own stories.
  • I'm not superstitious but at 33 years old I still salute at magpies. You just never know...

Now, who to nominate?  Well, rules are made to be broken so I'm nominating my lucky number... the power of THREE:

Afsaneh (@afsaneh_dreams)
Jessica Baker aka Andrea (@AndreaWalpole) 
Timony Souler (@timonysouler)


Afsaneh said...

Thank you! You're a sweetheart, Meg!

Snowballs are also a form of perfection, just not the ones I tried to make. I'm better at baking chocolately chocolate cinnamon muffins.
Also y'know, your husband sounds absolutely darling . . . definite superhero potential ;)

Meg McNulty said...

UMMMM! They sound good! My husband is a secret superhero (and he looks a bit like Hawkeye)

Sophie Moss said...

What a lovely post. :) But it raises two rather serious questions... 1) How many selkie pearls will it take to get my hands on that triple chocolate cookie recipe? 2) What in the world is a violet cream? I think I might need one now. LOL!

Unknown said...

Meg, you're a pearl of a girl. MWAH!

Thank you so much for your kind, kind words. I'm honored to be recognized alongside Mortuary Mama, Lady Bullish herself.