Wednesday, 11 April 2012

#TuesdayTales: the Negatives

The delight of winning a flash fiction contest never palls! This week I won the #TuesdayTales contest judged by @sammyjwebb and hosted by Stevie McCoy (@theglitterlady)

The prompts were, as always, one word and one image and the word limit: 100 words. The contrast of monochrome and colour reminded me instantly of that wonderful moment in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy steps from a dull grey Kansas into the wonderful, technicolor world of Oz.  A moment of genius in the world of cinema. 

Now, imagine that the world really was all shades of grey.  Imagine that colour beckoned... could you resist?  Could you?  

The word prompt: Affable

The Negatives

The Wizard of Oz was her favourite film. It was for all the Negatives. Trapped in a monochrome universe they could only dream of that world of vivid colour. Taste verdant emerald, touch vivid purple.

“Don’t even think it.” Her mother shook her head, grey tears snaking down white cheeks.  “Your father...Please, I can’t lose you too.”

Still she watched, hands pressed to the portal.  Still she dreamed. Watched films beamed from The Other World.

“Come...” The voice came in a dream, kindly, almost affable.  “Come to me.”


She left a grey rose on her black pillow.

“Goodbye Mom.” 


littleindian said...

Wow. A grey rose!
That has a touch of class.

Been reading your flash fictions (I love sci-fi); a grey rose is an image I had never pictured before. I am taking back that image with me.
Thank you.

Meg McNulty said...

Thank you! It's funny - the two novels I've written are both historical romance, but I totally love a much wider range when doing the microfictions. Would love to write a sci fi / fantasy book one day (it will happen!).

Afsaneh said...

Oh, this is absolutely beautiful, Meg! Just the concept, the stark imagery and the simple yet more than simple language.

Meg McNulty said...

Thank you Afsaneh!