Tuesday, 3 April 2012

#SatSunTails Win! A Fairytale Ending

YEAY! Another #SatSunTails win -  I've been so pleased with the microfictions I've been submitting for this contest (run by Rebecca Clare Smith).  I think the standard is really high from all the entrants so it means a lot to win two weeks in a row.

I have a bit of a fascination with tales that could lie behind fairytales, with the untold stories.  The prompts this week gave me the chance to write to that theme.  This is the hidden story of Sleeping Beauty - the one that never gets told.

This week's prompts:

“skeletal fingers and a crystalline thread”


Had she been a princess it might have been different. Not that princesses didn't have their own troubles, but given the choice between hopeless poverty or sleeping for one hundred years, Ethel knew she would be snoring faster than you could say, 'Burn every spinning wheel in the land.'

A whole industry gone thanks to Maleficent's curse and with it Ethel's livelihood.

She was too old to retrain. Too set in her ways. In her dreams she spun crystalline threads through her skeletal fingers, heard the hum of the wheel as hunger ate her belly and rain dripped through the roof she couldn't afford to mend.

She stared into the rushing river water seeking rubbish to salvage.


The sky split, danced with colour. She fell forward, water streaming over her face.

Three days later the guards dragged a tiny bloated corpse from the river.

"Heard that the princess is safe?"

"Aye, saw the fireworks."

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