Thursday, 12 April 2012

Real men wear Red Heels

Having finished my first draft of Boundless as the Sea, I'm dabbling.  I could be rewriting Merely Players, or starting on Ernestina's story but I'm not.  I want to do something different.

Wanna dance?
So April is all about fairy tales.  I have entered the Once Upon an Unexpected Fairy Tale contest and I'm working on a set of three short historical romances based on Cinderella, Little Red  Riding Hood and the Princess and the Pea.

My setting for these is 1815. Lots to love about 1815. Wellington's victory at Waterloo. Masquerades at Vauxhall. The waltz has swept the land and is being danced at Almack's (well maybe 1816, it's not entirely clear).

But men don't wear red.


This is the era of Beau Brummel. Elegant black or at best dark blue with gold button.  Snowy white cravats.  Mr Darcy eat your heart out but I WANT RED. Because my Little Red Riding Hood is a fella.

Regency heroes are elegant to the point of dullness.  Damn it! I want a man in brocade and high heels.  I want a man bewigged and winking with jewels.  I want a pre-Regency Georgian hero.

Nothing says HERO like red heels
For me, the epitome of 18th century glamour is Georgette Heyer's the Duke of Avon. Red high heels shoes, powder and patches and more jewellery than you can shake a stick at.  Was he effeminate? Not a bit of it.  Because ladies and gentlemen, a real man can wear red high heels and damn it, he's still a man.

So I have to think.  For so many reasons 1815 is the era for my stories, but I want my hero in red. I want him with diamond studs in his heels.  That's my kind of hero.


Stacy Bennett said...

LOL I cant wait to read that!

Afsaneh said...

God, I'd really love to meet your kind of hero! Nothing like a confident man dressed in what you think will be strange but somehow manages to heighten his appeal!

And your three historical romances sound great!

Meg McNulty said...

Thanks Afsaneh! I've written chapter 1 of two - I'm playing around between stories deciding which to go with. I do like the Little Red Riding Hood one though - it's kind of captured my imagination.