Saturday, 21 April 2012


This little story was an entry in the Tuesday Tales contest back in February.  It won an honorable mention. The prompt was the image to the left and a word: abscond.

It isn't the best thing I have ever written but it gave me the opportunity to explore a theme that interests me - aspects of religion (christianity this time) which merge into mythology.  This story, as you might gather, references the Garden of Eden and Eve's fall.


Their intimacy was glorious, perfect in its innocence.  Love radiated from them like a dying sun, blooming on their bare skin, dripping from their damp hair.  Love for each other, love for Him.

Perfect, obedient love.

Paradise, some called it.

The serpent coiled around one spike leaved tree, curling, crushing.  Waiting. 

She would walk this way soon, the woman.  A flicker of movement would catch her eye.  Arrested, she would turn.  Reach out a hand.  Take, bite.  Know.

Flushed with knowledge, ripe with forbidden wisdom.  Ready.

The man would fear, but he would follow.   Abscond.

Make their choice.


Sophie Moss said...

Is it just me, or do we have kind of a similar writing style? And here I thought I was unique... LOL! Now that I've read a few snippets of your work, I'm really excited to read one of your novels. Get writing, lady!

Meg McNulty said...

Well I LOVE your writing style, so I'm taking that as a high compliment!