Friday, 16 March 2012

#TuesdayTales: Taciturn

The story below was chosen as the winner of this week's #TuesdayTales - my third win in the contest! Here is what the judge said:

 "The winner is @charitygirlblog! Mal clearly could be seen to have the qualities of taciturnity and I loved the parallel between the Fran’s condition and that of the clinic."

This week's Tuesday Tales contest featured a word prompt, given by judge wolfman @LupusAnthropos:


And a visual prompt (see below).

Word count: 100 words.

The Clinic

White walls. Sterile. Like sitting in an icebox and nearly as cold as that too, with the air con.

Fran shivered, wrapped her arms around her thin body.  There was a picture of flowers on the Clinic wall. Bland. As neutral as a grey cat at dusk. No fat laughing babies here, no curved bellies and smiling faces. Just lilies. That's what the flowers were: lilies. Like a funeral.

Mal hadn't come. Just stared at the TV, flicking past diaper ads, taciturn.  No touching, no talking.

Eggs, it all came down to eggs. And hers, it seemed, were gone.

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