Monday, 12 March 2012

#SatSunTails: A secret in your chasm of hope

This week's #SatSunTails flash fiction contest entry - it won an honorable mention, second to @jezri1's chilling micro thriller.  My use of the written prompt is quite loose - I used it to inform the plot instead of within the body of the story.  The visual prompt is more obvious.

“a secret in your chasm of hope”

She stood in the place he used to play. He liked being a tracker, Cody. Hunting Big Foot. She had stolen out at dawn to draw the footprint, just to see his eyes light up.

His eyes had never lit up.

When she went to his room his bed was cold, covers rumpled where his small body had been.


She became the tracker. Missing persons. Newspaper appeals. Find Cody Brown slapped on every lamppost and wall in two counties.

Nothing. “Perhaps Mrs Brown, it’s just time to accept...”

Hands over her ears, face like stone. Obsessed with clues, with signs, with messages. Seeing his face in every passing child. His laugh on the wind.

But standing here brought him close, close enough to see through his eyes. Suddenly she knew. The house that backed on here, a scrap of fabric. No proof. She didn’t need proof. She needed vengeance.

She lit the fire.

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