Sunday, 18 March 2012

RED: Boundless as the Sea

As a motivator, my critique partner Andrea, suggested that we share a short extract from our work in progress each week.  Although I'm often late, the principle does keep me on track.  We call it the Dashing 100.

Here follows an extract from Chapter Twenty of my work in progress, Boundless as the Sea

The Dashing 100

Red.   It was not a time for timidity.  It was a time for scarlet, for upswept hair that revealed the slenderness of her neck, for rouged lips curved into a bewitching smile.  It was a time for seduction and power play.  A time to win.

She would be Sal Stornaway.  Bold as brass and subtle as a knife.  And by the end of the evening, the Minister of Justice would be eating out of her satin clad palm. 

Four days in the Comte de Valmot’s company had secured Sal an introduction to the Minister.   Four days of fevered kisses pressed against her wrist, of ever bolder touches.   Four days of icy disdain and sudden flirtation.  One step forward, one step back.  The familiar dance, a minuet of desire and seduction.  Within a week he would offer her a carte blanche, an exclusive little apartment and all the pin money a whore could fling around Paris.  All for the privilege of spreading her legs and taking her body.   A small thing when compared to a man’s life and yet she had no stomach for it.  Not anymore. 

Her mirror above her dressing table showed her a creature wrought for pleasure, magnificent in her beauty.  Astonishing how appearances could deceive.


Lena Corazon said...

Bah, only 100 words? When do we get to read the whole thing?

Meg McNulty said...

Lol - when I write the whole thing!

David A Ludwig said...

I want to read the whole thing as well, and Merely Players too. Not a lot of time to read right now, but since I already know I like your writing your work definitely gets to jump ahead in the queue.

Meg McNulty said...

David you're always so encouraging - I really appreciate the support! Merely Players is being locked away because I rewrite it but I'm on my LAST CHAPTER of Boundless as the Sea. YEAY!