Thursday, 9 February 2012

Walks through Regency London

It's a red letter day today, because I have reserved for a whole day for my very own self to go exploring round Regency London.  No, I am not Dr Who's latest sidekick and no, I have not built me a time machine.  I don't need to, because London is a time machine. 

Whenever I visit I wander around with hungry eyes seeing traces of history, clues to what might have been.  I lived in London for five years.  I could have eaten it alive, delved into all it's mysteries.  Sadly, in those days, I was too busy getting pissed and having a jolly time.  These days I'm more reflective, more appreciative and more curious. 

But I never have time. 

Either I'm working, or I'm parenting.  One or the other.  On this one occasion, I plan to do neither.  My baba is with Daddy and I'm on annual leave.  So roping in my silver haired elf of a sister, I am going exploring round the prisons, alleyways and high class haunts that Regency London has to offer. 

My guide in this matter is the wonderful Louise Allen AKA Melanie Hilton AKA half of Francesca Shaw, who has kindly written an exciting tome called Walks Through Regency London.   With this tucked into my handbag, camera in hand and sister in tow I plan to feast on all the titbits of Regency wondrousness London can disgorge. 

Doing this, I'm following in the footsteps of other worthy adventuresses.  Check out the fabulous pictures taken by An Accomplished Young Lady in the company of Louise Allen herself. 

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