Thursday, 16 February 2012

#TuesdayTales: Cavalier Treatment

This week saw me get an Honorable Mention in Stevie McCoy's Tuesday Tales - a runner up to the Jonathan Volkmer's compelling and sinister fairy tale (read it here). Jonathan is another in a long line of great Tuesday Tales winners.  You read the full set on Stevie's Blog

The prompt was, as always a word:  Cupidity and an image (see below).
The judge was the rather marvelous and multi-time Tuesday Tales winner Jen DeSantis

The word limit: 100 words. 

Mine was inspired by an enduring love of the names followers of Oliver Cromwell called their children "Praise-the-Lord Sampson" and the strong impression of a dark-hearted and funny Cavalier. 

Cavalier Treatment
England, 1662

Bodies twisting, hot and slick, in a tangle of red silk.  Panting, pounding.

Someone coughed.

Looking up, Sir Gervase Montague-Hortley froze.  The etiquette for conversing with one’s puritan mother-in-law when buried between the fleshy thighs of the Duchess of Mulgrew eluded him. 


“Agnes,” Sir Gervase said, politely.   Beneath him, the Duchess sighed.

“You’ve got an heir.”  Agnes stood in the doorway, a bundle clutched to her shoulder. 

“And my wife?”

“Dead.  Don’t pretend you care.”  Her eyes glittered.  “She named him Cupidity. A reminder of your sins.”

He smiled thinly.  “I’ll call him Charles. The King will like that.” 

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