Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Selkie.... an unfinished tale

Thanks to the auspices of two marvellous writers and tweeps Matt T Dillon and Amalia Dillin, I had the great pleasure of being introduced (twintroduced?) to some fellow myth enthusiasts like Chris Ledbetter and Melpomene Selemidis.  Melpomene told me she had written a siren/selkie story and I confessed I had a selkie story in my distant past too.

Okay, not too distant.  My 2010 Selkie story was an attempt at writing for Harlequin's Nocturne line. Dare I say it, I was a bit bored of reading about bloodsuckers and hairy things. I wanted to write something different.  

Sadly, it was a bit rubbish (too much back story, superficial characterisations, difficult plot) and frankly, I don't think my future lies with Harlequin Nocturne (though never say never!).  But still, I have a fondness for the Selkie story in the way you might for the first boy you kiss (even if it was an appalling, dribbly fumble of a kiss) or the first time you taste chocolate (like I can remember that).  My Nocturne was the first in a long series of unfinished stories until I finally SET MY GOAL and forced myself to complete Merely Players.  Now I'm all about the finishing. 

So, for Melpomene's viewing pleasure, here is the start of my Selkie story.  The plot features a betrayed telepathic weather witch, a psychopathic drug dealing vampire-phobic warlock and oh yeah, its set in Alaska.  Why? I don't know.  Just liked the idea of it. 

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Conn knew the moment she stepped into the sea.  He could taste her tears on his lips as they fell, blending with the wine-dark waves.  Basking in the shallows behind an outcrop of rocks, with the waves slick against his heavily muscled body he could feel the woman’s rage and pain.  The siren call of a human woman betrayed was a law as old as time to the Murúch.  Seven tears in the sea and a heart filled with longing was a powerful spell to summon a Murúch lover.  Those on land had long since forgotten the deep magic of the sea and the delicate balance between land and sea dwellers, the balance which must not be broken: it had become a fairy story.  

So she wouldn’t be expecting him.  Perfect. 

The woman’s tears, carried to him by the rhythm of the waves bound her to him for this night at least.  For tonight a full moon would shine upon the bustling sea port of Valdez and at full moon, the Murúch were powerful on land as well as sea.  He had the scent of her now, and could taste her essence upon his lips.  In a crowd of one thousand people he could walk straight to her, though he had never laid eyes upon her face.  He craved her essence with every fibre of his being.  Hunger and desire tore through him, stirring his blood.  

Tonight he would bring the woman the passion she longed for and ease the sorrow in her heart.  No human woman was capable of resisting him – the night could have only one conclusion.  Conn smiled and sliding off the slab of weed-streaked rock, dived deep into the sea.  He would be restless now until sundown, but perhaps a hunt in the ocean’s depths could distract him until the moon rose.


Melpomene Selemidis said...

Love it! It's just a teaser though...is that all you wrote? There must be more. Love the siren/selkie blend! That's exactly what I'm doing. As well as mashing in a bit of Melusine myth. Don't know if it'll work. But I'm driven to write it!

Anonymous said...

I was looking to improve my character for Role Play at imvu and I love this story line and selkie persona well done :))