Saturday, 28 January 2012

#DivineHell - The Collection

For ease of reference, I'm gathering my different flurries of flash fiction into ant-size anthologies (sorry, the alliteration was too tempting).  Yesterday I collected my #NightGale entries.  Today is the turn of #DivineHell.

The December 2011 #DivineHell challenge was the brain child of the redoubtable Timony Souler and the rules were as follows:

5 stories of 150 words, each inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy.  Timony specified specific Circles of Hell as prompts and lo! The following stories were born (click on titles to read in full):

Read Limbo: A grieving mother mourns the loss of her unborn child.
"...wet against my hot palms, as though the earth is weeping..."

Read Heresy: A young child sees his mother tried by the inquisitors for witchcraft.
"...faded tapestries hung on the walls.  Funny faces, saints had. Two black holes and a line for a mouth."

Read Fraud:  Medea looks down on the tortures Jason has to endure with gleeful satisfaction.  
"...'Jason,' she whispered into his ear. 'Marching like the ant he is.  Back and forth, whipped by demons.'..."

Read Violence: The Seventh Circle of Hell as described by one of its inhabitants. 
"...Dog-chewed, sun-bleached.  Thorns like stiletto-blades. Untouchable..." 

Read Treachery:  Who dares to torment the Devil himself?
"...A tear rolled down his blood-red cheek.  It reminded Barry of ice-cream drippled with raspberry sauce."

To find links to other people who joined in this challenge pop on over to the Roll of Honour page.


Personal Trainer Guy said...

That 'ice cream drippled with raspberry sauce' analogy is the best one I've heard all day.

Meg McNulty said...

Why thank you!

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