Friday, 9 December 2011

#DivineHell: Roll of Honour

Having been guided through several circles of hell thanks to the redoubtable Lady Antimony's #DivineHell blog challenge, I thought it would be timely to highlight a few of my fellow travellers.

All of these people took up the challenge to write a 150 word story inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy. The Circles of Hell we were given as a prompt were as follows:


You can read more about it on milady's blog.

The Challengers

Timony Souler: new pen name for a classy lady of enormous versatility. She regularly provides fellow writers with the opportunity to challenge themselves and to share their work. My favourite of her stories was Limbo - a laugh out loud take on the place. @TimonySouler

Rebecca Clare Smith: I really look forward to reading Rebecca's stories. Each one is like an amuse-bouche to a nocturne bite, only better written. Check out her treachery story for an example of perfect description. @jocastalizzbeth

David Ludwig: Besides being one of the most generous and thoughtful commenters around, David also uses Blog Challenges to build delicate, thoughtful fantasy worlds. You can read his stories over at his blog. @DavidALudwig

Jeffrey Hollar: Often dark and twisty, Jeffrey's stories are marked out by a strong voice and a bold style of telling. My favourite of his #DivineHell stories was Only Following Orders, a take on violence which is utterly convincing. @Klingorengi

Emilia Quill: Ok a little "squee" here because I found Emilia's work through earlier blog challenges and loved her whimsical fantasy writing BUT her work for #DivineHell is completely different and EVEN BETTER. It's sharp, funny and modern. I'm hoping it turns into a book. My favourite is Heresy - laugh out loud funny. @Emilia_Quill

Zombie Cowboy: New to me this this time round, I'm pleased to have stumbled across ZC. His stories are really versatile in tone and range - I'm torn between the domestic humour and description in Treachery and the sheer rage in Heresy. You decide. @RalphRudd

Stevie McCoy: Empress of the #TuesdayTales and flash fictioner extraordinaire, glittering Stevie McCoy chose to do a longer take on the #DivineHell prompt. Check out the sinister, conversational tone her anonymous narrator takes... @theglitterlady

Hugo Van Zijl: I'd never come across Hugo's work before this challenge but I love the slant he put on #DivineHell. His daily stories link, building a picture of a hard-bitten cop with a thankless task and a pointless murder to deal with. Brilliantly done. Read them here. @HugovanZijl

Magependragon: Magependragon brings poetry even into her prose. Her work is evocative and luminous. I think my favourite of her stories is Limbo - she brings the place starkly to life for me. @magependragon

Craig Smith: Craig's #DivineHell stories are full of winks and wry humour. There are combusting sale goers, horror pigeons and bad friends. I think my favourite is Treachery for its slam dunk ending. See if you agree. @craigwfsmith


David A Ludwig said...

Thank you for the kind words! Doing the shout out as it's own distinct post, wish I'd thought of that! Maybe would have gotten some comments on my actual story for Treachery.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the shout out love! Loved the history and mythology behind your entries, but that's what I love about most of your writing work, <3 (much love)