Friday, 9 September 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Well now this is nice. That lovely Stevie McCoy over at the Glitterword blog (home to #tuesdaytales) just awarded me this Versatile Blog award, because that's the kind of lady she is. So what do I have to do? Tell you seven things about myself and then highlight fifteen other blogs that I think are tip top and super duper. So here you go.

All About Me (Seven Things)

1) I'm the 11th of 12 kids. My family is BIG and I'm one of the babies. I got used to a shedload of attention, and it shows. I'm the biggest gobshite known to man.

2) My desert island food would be marmite on buttered toast. It's the first thing I crave when I get up in the morning. I've eaten it since primary school and its wonders have never palled.

3) I'm shit scared of zombies. I had to hide in the cinema toilets during the Dawn of the Dead and made my neighbor stay with me until my housemate got home. Then I slept on her floor. I was 24.

4) I dream about finding an undiscovered Georgette Heyer novel. I could do mastermind on her regency world and come... well not last, anyway (my brain is mush since pregnancy). They are the ultimate feel good, PMT proof mood cure.

5) This comes as no surprise, but I'm obsessed with Greek Mythology. It makes me practically salivate. I think the first line of the Iliad is the most exciting first line in the world.

6) Amnesty International changed my life. When I worked there, it was as though scales fell from my eyes. I saw true horror and true nobility and the greatest love of humanity I have ever witnessed. It rocked. It still rocks.

7) I believe that Manchester is the Greatest City on Earth. Because it is. But London is pretty cool too.

And now for the important bit!


1. Lady Antimony - a great lady, whose stark honesty and talent make her blog a must see. Plus she's the originator of some amazing flash fiction challenges which have introduced me to some great writers.

2. Jamila Jamison - a talented writer, who suffers from the same adrenalin fuelled productivity that I do but who manages to be gracious, talented and prolific with it.

3. Bryce Daniels - I love his prose and his good friend Poet who occasionally pops in to visit. And he's an all round nice chap too.

4. Jeffrey Hollar at the Latinum Vault - a prolific writer of dark and twisting flash fiction. He'll make you wince, but you'll come back for more. And his reviews are good too.

5. David A Ludwig - read free fantasy series on his blog and get to know the man behind them, a generous writerly spirit.

6. Michelle Franklin - she posts new material from her Haanta fantasy series every day. No lady ever wrote so much!

7. Michelle Woodall at Life Planning - her wisdom and take on life make her half guru half original thinker. She has been a mentor, guide, friend and shoulder to cry on and her blog means you can have a piece of her too.

8. Aimee L Salter - Aimee already has a massive following but she's worth following firstly because the writing she advice she dispenses is fantastic and secondly because she is so lovely.

9. Emilia Quill at My Imaginary Beings - a new blog with delightful stories from Emilia's fantasy imagination. Really worth a read.

10. Laura Vivanco's Teach me Tonight - fascinating essays relating to romance fiction.

11. The Intern - both hilarious, well written and absolutely spot on, the Intern Spills is a must read for any aspiring writer.

12. Vicky English's Camelot - great blog for anyone interested in writing romance. Picked up loads of useful information there.

13. Patricia Clift Martin at Unwinding Slowly - relax amongst yarn, free knitting designs and scrumptious home-baking.

14. Imogen's Wardrobe - truly adorable and sustainable original childrenswear design, with imaginative tales to accompany each dress. You could die of the extreme cuteness.

15. Rosie Lane at Climbing to the Light - a great mix of personal stories and flash fiction. A great lass. Check her out.

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David A Ludwig said...

When I get so far behind reading my friends' blogs sometimes I wonder if I really deserve blogging awards, but thank you so much for it anyway!