Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Tuesday Tales - Winner! Wahey!

Yesterday I posted my entry to the Glitter Lady's Tuesday Tales contest. You can read my story here and what inspired it in yesterday's post.

The judge, lady of darkness Diana Trees. Diana is the author of Divine Wine - in her books vampires don’t sparkle, they eat people. Go check out her reviews!

To my surprise and delight, Diana chose my story as this week's winner, saying:

“The Feeling of Life – This is beautiful done, a lovely story in just a few words. I feel much of the relationship, and this appeals to all of my senses: I smell, taste and touch. For me, as a reader, I feel as though I’m getting the chance to see inside this woman’s head, and I better understand her decision.”

YEAY! Thank you Diana! And thank you to Stevie AKA the Glitter Lady for kick starting the whole thing and inspiring her fellow authors.

Please do go and take a look at the other entries. There's a lot of awesome sauce poured over them there words.


Jayaly said...

I loved your story; a worthy winner. It's on for next week though. *starts scheming*

Meg McNulty said...

LOL, yeay!

Anonymous said...

YAY! DING DING DING! [throws confetti] Wonderful work, best be coming back next week to defend your championship of writerly prowess!

Meg McNulty said...

The heat is on *dusts off keyboard* I'm ready!

Meg McNulty said...

The heat is on *dusts off keyboard* I'm ready!