Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Tuesday Tales: A Ghost Story

The clever Glitter Lady, hostess of the Glitter word blog has launched a brilliant new initiative: Tuesday Tales.

Each week writers are set the challenge of writing a 100 word flash fiction inspired by an image chosen by the Glitter Lady and a word chosen by that week's judge. This week we had a photograph of dying roses and a word: "lugubrious", chosen by Steve Montano author of Blood Skies.

Here's my attempt:

The church looked just as she had planned. Banks of candles flickered in the incense-scented air and friends shifted in their seats, silent with anticipation. She drifted down the aisle, touching the tight clusters of ribbon-strangled roses which clung to the pews. He waited for her at the front, head bowed. Smiling, she reached out to touch her bridegroom's hand. He lifted his head, but his eyes were trained on a long box standing starkly on the altar. A bouquet lay on its lid, its faded petals curling with decay.

Her bouquet.

Organ-song, lugubrious as death, drowned her silent scream.

But don't stop there - read everyone's interpretations posted on the Glitter Word blog. There are some great stories! And there's still time to submit yours (just).

(Image courtesy of raglady.com)


Anonymous said...

Ribbon straggled roses, which is what we do to most flowers isnt it? I love the turn on that phrase that really triggers the dead roses image. Love it! Thanks for participating, hope you join in next tuesday!

Jayaly said...

It's beautifully written, but I don't really understand what's going on in this one. Her bouquet has aged, so she's a ghost reliving her wedding day?

Meg McNulty said...

Well in the back of my mind I'd visualised a bride who had died on or before her wedding day but hadn't realised she was dead - until she saw the coffin. Bit like Sixth Sense.