Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tuesday Tales #3 - Cops and bloggers

As you might have gathered, one of the reasons I nominated Stevie McCoy AKA the Glitter Lady for a Liebster Blog Award was because of her launch of Tuesday Tales, an instantly popular flash fiction challenge.

This marks the third week of the Tuesday Tales and this week it is inspired by an image of two motorcyclists and a cop and the word sparkle. Week three's judge is Diana Trees a YA author with a difference.

Here's mine:

It was the drone that she hated. The engine noise, the nauseating screech of brakes. She heard his low, gaseous laugh, the belching belly chuckle that came from four cans of Red Stripe. Her lips tightened. Cop shows. He loved them. Loved watching those riders brought skidding down by a thick-headed officer of the law. That’s what their evenings were about now, the constant drone of motorbikes, the squeal of sirens. She was invisible, her voice suffocated by engine noise. She looked down at her hand, saw the sparkle of the ring. She dropped it in his beer and left.


Anonymous said...

Aren't these flash fiction challenges fun!
I love this, Margaret. Really liked the voice, and the way you ended it.

Sounds like she made a good decision.

Meg McNulty said...

Why thank you Mr Daniels, much appreciated!

David A Ludwig said...

My favorite part was that she dropped it in his beer... Just the contrast between beer (very earthy, everyday sort of beverage) with the diamond ring (very elegant extraordinary sort of symbol) captured a lot to me.