Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tuesday Tales - 2nd Time Winner!

I am totally thrilled for the second time in seven days to have been awarded the winner's palm for @theglitterlady's Tuesday Tales, over on the Glitter Word blog. The judge was Patti Larsen, a sharer of wisdom and an exciting author of young adult paranormal fiction.

Patti's kind words were as follows:

I love everything about this image–the colors, the feel of the waves. the feeling of hurry without hurrying. The intimacy of the writing. So little written but so very much said. Lovely short sentences that hit the heart. I can feel her anguish. Wonderful. Bravo to @charitygirlblog !

This week's inspiration, provided by the Glitter Lady was the following image:

And the special word chosen by the judge was: dissemble (to hide one’s true intentions).

Here is my entry:

He looks out across the sea, lit by the blood red death of the evening sun. “It’s just for a little while,” he says. I hear the rush of waves on the bone coloured beach below, hurried, too hurried. I look down at my hand, at the gold band. He glances at me, sidelong. “Really.”

I smell it then, the sea. Taste the primal tang upon my lips. It’s easy to feel insignificant, faced by its boundlessness. And I do. “Of course,” I dissemble. “Of course, just for a little while.” It’s the sea I taste, not my tears. Really.

I love the Tuesday Tales contest because it's amazing to see how a diverse group of writers responds to the same stimuli. This week's stories ranged from vampires to assassins, from man-eating plants to poignant senility. But don't take my word for it - go and read them for yourself: Tuesday Tales Challenge 4.

My absolute favourite was by @_rosie_lane whose honeymoon beginning ends with a classic horror suspense ending!

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