Wednesday, 13 July 2011

#7Sins Blog Challenge: LUST - the finale!

Bless me Father for I have sinned,

It has been [an unmentionable amount of time] since my last confession. This week I have spent time with all seven of the deadly sins and I am ashamed to say I've enjoyed it thoroughly. It's all that Lady Antimony's fault. She started it. She's a bad influence, I tell you. It's not just me that did it, all these other people did too:

Bryce Daniels, Halli Gomez, Rebecca Clare Smith, Braindaze, Glitterword, Rosie Lane, Heather M Gardner, David A Ludwig, Jeffrey Hollar, Surfing (also known as Faith), Zade Forrest, The Gorm, Jessica and not forgetting Lady Antimony herself. And then some (if I missed you, tell me).

You should read theirs, they're REALLY wicked.

But as for me, I'm done with sin. Well except for today. It's the last day after all and I'm not quite done with sinning yet. Nearly, but not quite. Until midnight tonight I'm all about...


“You sold my soul to the devil?”

She glances through a veil of dark silk, mysterious as midnight. “Yep.”

“My soul. Not yours.” Her skin is marzipan smooth, lickable. I reach out with trembling fingers, but the TV cackles. Jerking back, I flush. “Can you even do that?”

Plump lips spread in a luscious smile. She nods, hair falling across full breasts.

“And was it worth it?” I am shaking, sweat beading my skin. The air is heavy with sulphur. Clip clop. Hooves outside the room, the whisk of pointed tail. “What do you get to have?”

She laughs.


Now seven Hail Marys folks and a life of unstained virtue.

I hope you've enjoyed the #7Sins Blog Challenge and all the excellent flashes of fiction that it's spawned across a whole range of different writers. We have poetry, we have cats, we have murder and we have mayhem. Not to mention lemon tart and werewolves. Check them out at the links above.

And with big thanks to Lady Antimony for coming up with the idea and kicking it all off. Cheers Your Ladyship, you're a star!


Anonymous said...

Sin takes on a whole new meaning when you sacrifice someone elses soul other than your own... very well done and makes me want to read more.

Jayaly said...

Ooh, this is fabulous. Beautifully descriptive and a chilling premise.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED this. Glitter hit the nail on the head with her comment. I want more too!

Which makes it all the sadder that this is coming to an end. I have really enjoyed reading your work, Margaret. Your craft is pure, and your insight is remarkable.
You, m'lady, are one helluva writer. I wish you the best!

Halli Gomez said...

Yes, very chilling. And creative. I really enjoyed reading your stories. I'm sad this challenge is ending! Nice to meet you!

David A Ludwig said...

This was awesome... Right up there with the rocket-launcher. I like that both the victim and the temptress seem to be expressing Lust in this one, from his desire to her to her reward of "Anyone". I almost wonder if she was homely before she sold his soul or something.

Meg McNulty said...

Thank you so much!

I thought it was a cruel irony that her gift of being to have anyone was already operating on him before he got GOT.

She's literally a femme fatale.

It's been such fun reading all your work and finding your blogs - I'm looking forward to keeping up with what you do now!

Heather M. Gardner said...

"And was it worth it?"

Great job on all the sins but I refuse to 'confess'! I enjoyed it too much!

Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a way to end the challenge!

T'was my pleasure! *blushes*

A x