Friday, 8 July 2011

#7Sins Blog Challenge: ENVY

Three days into the #7sins Blog Challenge and I'm onto ENVY. If you haven't already got familiar with the rules, the challenge posed by Lady Antimony was: 7 Sins in 7 Days, starting 7/7 - 100 words max in each story.

I've been LOVING reading everyone else's entries (see below for links), ranging from dark fairytale to heart-clenching poetry to understated pathos. Some really wonderful and inspiring bite-size work. There's a lot of talent out there in the world, folks.


Her perfume lingers, musk-heavy. I trace the mirror with trembling fingers. She looked in here just moments ago, dragged red lipstick over her pursed mouth. My lipstick. I picked out the same one just yesterday. On me, it looks like a caricature.

The wardrobe stands open behind me, a yawning mouth puking bright silks across the thick carpet. Tiny dresses, child-size almost; tailored to cling to size 6 non-curves.

Bile burns my throat, hatred. I couldn’t get my shoulders into her loosest top. My size 11 feet would crush her teetering stilettos. My wife: the woman I want to be.

If you enjoyed ENVY, you might want to check out WRATH and GREED. You can find them by clicking on #7sins stories.

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Anonymous said...

Well, THAT was unexpected. Talk about your OPPOSITE of __nis envy.

"a yawning mouth puking bright silks across the thick carpet."


Thanks for the shout-outs on Twitter. Just to let you know, I'm both new there and a techno-illiterate. Please don't think I'm snobbish if I don't return the favors. Trying my best. :)

David A Ludwig said...

Wow, I love how different and yet powerful each of yours are... And the guy who wants to be his wife... So creepy because I know it happens. It's particularly powerful because its a man who wants to be a small woman, not just any woman. I wish I had more words for how awesome this one is, but I don't.

Unknown said...

Wow. I love this one. It's such a twist on the usual things you expect with an envy themed piece.

Meg McNulty said...

Thanks so much! It just popped into my head from out of nowhere but I probably enjoyed writing it the most out of any of them. Coincidentally, my poet/musician big brother just told me he'd written a song along similar lines - he doesn't have an online recording of it, but the lyrics are as follows (to my knowledge this isn't some shared, repressed memory of our Dad!):

Daddy’s different

Don't worry kid
Daddy’s a big girl now
He can take care
of himself

These bruises
will fade
Like the last ones
By themselves

And I'll be right
And they'll be wrong
So don't worry how I'm getting along
I’m stronger than I look
And broke a nose when they asked me for a fuck

so don't worry kid I'll be right
and they'll always be wrong
it takes a tough, strong woman
To get by in a man this long

And I’ll be back tomorrow
At the school gates
With more make-up on
to help my healing face

And you can walk with me
Down those streets again
And we'll hold our heads up high
all the way to your mothers house

So don't worry kid we'll be fine
And you can try my high heels on anytime. . .

Anonymous said...

OMG! you totally shocked me... That was excellent! I had no idea until the very end, I love twists.

Heather M. Gardner said...

Size 11! That was a surprise!
Well done.

Halli Gomez said...

That was one of the best I've read so far. Wonderfully written and a great twist!

Meg McNulty said...

@Stevie, Heather and Halli - thank you so much! Looking forward to reading today's compositions from you.

Jayaly said...

I love the imagery in this, like the yawning mouth and his contempt for himself. Great short.