Monday, 11 July 2011

#7Sins Blog Challenge: Sloth

So if you've stumbled across this blog recently, you'll know I'm participating in the Lady Antimony's #7Sins blog challenge, writing a 100 word piece of flash fiction every day for seven days featuring one of the seven deadly sins.

Today's piece doesn't feature death, transvetitism or even theft. You might almost say it's autobiographical... I bring you SLOTH:


Wild music shrieking in the wind, pulsing beat throbbing in the ground. A hundred thousand sun-flushed bodies, an overgrown forest of sweat-streaked arms.

My mind drifts, remembering. “You’ve got to be there... the atmosphere!” Passion tightened his voice, his eyes bulged with urgency. I blinked at him, my mouth slack with disinterest. Atmosphere. Yeah.

Snuggling deeper in the red plush of my sofa, I drag my lambswool blanket up to my chin and wonder where he is now. Snoring under cider-stinking canvas, or borne aloft by the swelling crowd.

I reach for the control. Glastonbury live. Rock on.

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Andrea said...

Love the rock on at the end.
You are definitely getting very good at writing within such a short word limit!

Meg McNulty said...

LOL, that definitely isn't autobiographical - I would never say "rock on." I would lurk on a sofa under a blanket though!

Short is good. It's long that's tricky!!!

Jayaly said...

I think there's a past/present tense hiccup in here, unless it's deliberate and I haven't read it right.

I agree with her though. Better from the sofa. Less chance of trench foot.

Anonymous said...

I detect a hint of apathy here. LOL. I loved this post. Not familiar with the event, but kinda like our "Woodstock" over here, I would gather?
Good job!

David A Ludwig said...

Apathy is my favorite form of Sloth, because it can be a great explanation for the other forms like sleepiness in the face of even incredible circumstances. Rock on at the end is a nice example of "playing along" or at least making a token effort at appearing engaged.

Anonymous said...

I like how subtle it is in the fact that this is probably what a lot of people do. Something exciting is going on and they choose the version with the least effort to get involved to say they did. Maybe only to say they did so that no one else bugs them about it. An effort made so that less effort is needed later. Great job!

Heather M. Gardner said...

I like the plush sofa atmosphere better myself.

Good job.