Tuesday, 12 July 2011

#7Sins Blog Challenge: PRIDE

I'm sad! I'm nearly at the end of a fantastic week of sinful snippets composed in honour of Lady Antimony's wickedly wonderful #7Sins Blog Challenge. However, before the challenge is over I have two more sins to share with you.

And today's sin is...


A harsh wind scraped her skin, bringing the familiar stench of the fens. Cordelia raised her worn face, inhaling deeply. In 1561 the Montleighs extended Vane House to host Elizabeth I, in 1650 they had slaughtered fifty roundheads to hold it for the crown. The lifeblood of England drenched its overgrown gardens, dampened the dusty corridors.

Vane House had but one defender now, but she knew her duty. Her wrinkled hand trembled as she watched the tourist coach grind across the gravel, spilling gaping yokels into the grounds. Invaders. She raised the rocket-launcher to her tweed clad shoulder and smiled.

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And a big shout out to these writers who have been entertaining me all week with their bite-size badness. It's been a riot getting to know them and their work. Read about the seven sins of: Bryce Daniels, Halli Gomez, Rebecca Clare Smith, Braindaze, Glitterword, Rosie Lane, Heather M Gardner, David A Ludwig, Jeffrey Hollar, Surfing (also known as Faith), Zade Forrest, The Gorm, Jessica and not forgetting Lady Antimony herself.


Unknown said...

This made me giggle in my usual sadistic way. I'm now considering investing in a rocket-launcher.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad too!

And now I want a rocket launcher. And some tweed.

A x

Meg McNulty said...

I'd settle for a castle. But everyone's had a rocket launcher moment at some point, right? Or is that just me...

Thanks for starting the challenge your ladyship - it's been a lot of fun!

David A Ludwig said...

This now makes the short-list of entries that have actually made me laugh out loud in this challenge. LOVE the rocket-launcher at the end, and just the image of an old lady in tweed wielding it... Priceless!
Now that is awesome pride! Only, I kind of want to see her holding off a zombie apocalypse or some real cataclysm and treat it just the same as the tourists.

Meg McNulty said...

Cordelia would be a great person to have at your back in a zombie apocalypse - though she might opt for the zombies' side, especially if any of them were her ancestors. Could be touch and go...!

Heather M. Gardner said...

Damn yokels!

I love this and it made me laugh out loud too!


Jayaly said...

Add me to the laughed out loud list. Excellent.

Anonymous said...


I'll add that I liked the history background. It really added spice to the contrast with the rocket-launcher.

Great job!

Meg McNulty said...

Thanks people!