Sunday, 3 October 2010

Original source materials (Regency)

I have just been taking a wander through t'interweb to explore what original source materials from the regency (and Georgian) period are available online. There are quite a large number of well known sites devoted to historical costume which feature original fashion plates from Ackermann's etc. A few honourable mentions include:

* The Constumer's Manifesto
* Fashion Era
* Cathy Decker's Regency Fashion Page

But of most interest to me at the moment are the number of Regency and Georgian letters which have been published online:

* Eunice and Ron's Letter from the Past features a fascinating array of pre-victorian letters, plus information about postage and postal services.
* The Bevan Family letters are a project of the Regency Town House and are an archive of the Bevan and Dewar families between around 1820 and 1870s.

Lastly, it's worth pointing out a couple of sites which features a wide range of primary sources. Top of the list is A Web of English History by Dr Majorie Bloy, which is particularly good for primary source material on politics but coversa a wide range of other aspects too.

For more primary source images by Ackermann, please see the Dictionary of Arts and Artists.

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